Zaira Nara sends Marcelo Tinelli live and likes Milett Figuera’s suggestive photo

Zaira Nara sends Marcelo Tinelli live and likes Milett Figueroa's suggestive photo

Zaira Nara sends Marcelo Tinelli to the live broadcast and likes the suggestive photo of Milett Figueroa – Photo: @Prensa América

This Tuesday, Marcelo Tinelli Started a new plan Dance 2023 Celebrate that the studio lights are working well and laugh at the few minutes of inconvenience he suffered on Monday. He then said one of the game’s participants had been sacked: Thomas Holder’s coach Davo Fredes.

The first one eliminated in the previous issue big brother and his partner Agostina Cauteruccio explained what happened. “It was not a pleasant situation at all. We as a team could not agree. We were very close to dancing, but we had no choreography. The equipment was broken,” said the dancer. Holder added: “We felt like a lot of things weren’t working. We talked to each other and we all had the same idea and we thought this was the best option.”

That’s when the Chilean choreographer came to the studio and told his version of events: “I heard that I wasn’t ready to choreograph… This is how I work with a celebrity who can’t dance : Experiment and we’ll see. If I bring the choreography together, I might lose a day. I have to check and make it flow. It’s not the first time I’ve worked with someone who can’t dance. He was late That’s not true. I’m never late for rehearsals. The only ones who are late are the two of them.”

“I wasn’t late. I missed a week because I had pneumonia. Then one day, I had notes and I couldn’t go. When they assessed us and told us we were doing everything wrong, they didn’t tell me: ‘Just in Here or there,'” the participant argued.

“He had pneumonia for a week, but then I saw the Instagram stories and he was at the club,” the coach accused him. He added: “Maybe he’s wrong and doesn’t understand that I’m his dance coach and not his therapy coach.” The rider later clarified that he will continue to compete, and Zaira in the live broadcast room at this time Zaira Nara intervened in the discussion to defend the coach.

And then, yes, the competition began with the introductions of announcer Martin Salvi and his partner, Peruvian actress Millet Figuera. Tinelli later admitted that he was struck by the media’s beauty the day he met her, with both Pampita Aldohan and Moriah Kasan highlighting her relationship with Tinelli’s ex-wife Guillemina Val Des similarities.

As the driver chatted with the Peruvian actress and her mother who had accompanied her in the studio, Zaira asked to speak again. “When did you know who was invited to the competition?” the model wanted to know. When Tinelli responded that he spotted many of them on the same day the official photo was taken, he said bluntly: “Ah. Because I saw you had a few likes on the April photo. I’m in a very The sexy video was seen in one from the 27th, as well as a video from June 8th in which she makes a ‘tuna face’.”

Tinelli was visibly uncomfortable and wanted to distance himself: “That was when she was hired. I didn’t know her. What is tuna face?” while Zaira responded mercilessly: “I don’t You know, she said in the photo she had a tuna face and you didn’t ask her but you liked it so you should know.”

Midway through the conversation, Ángel de Brito came out to support his boss: “I see Zaira is very worried. “Is she jealous of you? she asked the driver, but the model answered. “Marcelo is my friend and I want to see my friends happy.” “I really like him as a girl,” he said without flinching. He added: “I sound strong when they compare her to Guille but she does look similar in profile. I was worried it would hinder Marcelo but I see there’s no barrier. I Saw another similar situation here on August 3rd.”

And, speaking to the driver, the model insisted: “Holder was talking to you an inch from your face, but it didn’t bother you. She came closer and you nervously walked away.” Already A desperate Tinelli responded: “I won’t give Holder a kiss, and I don’t want to be seduced by her.” Mariano Delacana also participated in the live broadcast via the streamer, noting: “Corky “Ramirez is resigning at this time.” Zaira concluded: “In the same week we lost Corky, we also lost the coach.”

So, yes, the couple showed off their dancing skills and got a thumbs up from the judges. As always, the first to give feedback was De Brito (7): “If Milett is like Guillermina, what will Salwe be? Is it Dante? Is it Lolo? Let them take him to Play because before The games are all drawn. I thought he was the most famous one. “I sent a kiss to Corky who was already at the airport returning to Cordoba,” he began. He continued: “They all have a lot of Big influencers, they come in with power, but sometimes I see them worry about things going well. Try to forget about it and relax. You have to find the vibe between you. “

Pampita, who was in charge of this round’s secret ballot, added: “This woman is very hypnotic. “It’s hard for me to see Martin on the track. ” Moriah (5) said in turn: “I like what they do on the track, but I don’t really like the way you make Tinelli hysterical. You are a beautiful woman and you know the art of seduction, but you have gone a little too far. I love your hunger and energy vampires. Even though you are tall, you have great lines. Martin, I see your expression is blurry. You should market yourself more. Anyway, I wish you all the best because you are a brave man. “

Finally, Marcelo Bolino (4) added: “I like what they did because they moved very well, but Martin worked very hard… We know him and he is more friendly, but today He was weird. “Tell him to relax. ” The pair scored a total of 16 points, one of the highest scores in the first round.

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