Zambrano’s anger with Pavón for wetting him after a bottle hit the floor

Mouth has no peace. At 15 minutes into the second half of the classic in Avellaneda, Sebastian Battaglia decided to send Luis Vázquez to the court and take out Cristian Pavon. Kichán chewed anger towards the substitute bench. MAnnoyed to leave the court with Xeneize losing 1-0, the forward first hit the bench with a blow to the ceiling. Then he unloaded with some bottles that he had nearby … He threw them with force on the floor and the liquid that came out everywhere.

Zambrano got mad at Pavón because he got him wet.

Zambrano got mad at Pavón because he got him wet.

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So far it is the typical reaction of a footballer who, with heartbeats at a thousand, gets angry because his coach decides to take him out … But the problem was generated later. ANDI know that in one of the bottles hitting the floor, Pavón splashed Carlos Zambrano. And the Peruvian defender far from understanding his partner’s fever, he was enraged and had a very spicy crossing of words with the Cordovan.

The defender’s anger was such, who got up from his seat and after some insults that were captured by the cameras, he faced Pavón. To defuse the mess between the companions they had to intervene Colombian Frank Fabra and goalkeeper Javi García. They both approached, pushed Zambrano away, who was still dazed and annoyed.

Zambrano warmed up and faced Pavón,

Zambrano warmed up and faced Pavón,

After a few seconds in which the Peruvian threatened to get up again to go find the Cordovan, everything ended well. After the initial row and apologies through, Zambrano and Pavón shook hands and put an end to the spicy crossing. They even sat together and chatted, more relaxed, about the tense moment they had lived a few moments ago.

Such was the mess that was generated, that even Battaglia spoke of Pavón’s reaction when he left. “Everyone wants to play, it’s very clear. He’s angry with the game there, heartbeats. One understands the player but we have to be calm and pass the nervousness to ours”, said the DT of Boca in a conference.


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