Zaniolo between fun and market: holidays in Formentera

Before starting preparations for the next season again, Zaniolo he took a few days off between Ibiza and Formentera, in the company of friends and girlfriends. Forward in Galatasaray but also with an eye on the market (with Juventus and Milan, attentive to his movements) was the paparazzi of the weekly Chi, who published several unpublished shots: laughter, jokes and challenges with some girls.

Zagnolo being challenged by two girls

In the photos posted by Chi, you can catch a glimpse of Zaniolo “challenged” by two young girls: the first challenged him: “Catch me if you can”. Result? Former Roma was on the sand “defeated”. Another girl “spoiled” him during an aperitif in a famous local restaurant. In a word, the glory of the playboy does not leave Zaniolo even on vacation.

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