Zara app’s unknown trick to get the best look with images

Zara app’s unknown trick to get the best look with imagesking rodrigues

In some cases, you must have seen an image or photo of an outfit that you liked, but you never found out where it came from and after spending a lot of time searching in different fashion apps, You give up trying to find her.

Zara knows this can happen and is giving you a tool that could save the life of the trend lover.Maybe I don’t know but through a photo You can create a great look with a runway feel.

Fashion journalist María Lautenschlaeger shared on her social networks a trick for finding available clothing in the app. There is a tab to search, You can enter words or upload photos. “The app will tell you directly which clothes are similar to the clothes that appear in the image and create a look for you,” he says.

Some of her followers shared other tips for finding out where clothes come from, such as using Google Lens, and she also commented that some brands, such as “Shein, AliExpress, and even Amazon”they also have this option.

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