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Zara has for sale the pants that Jennifer López has made fashionable in the US

Jennifer Lopez She is a fan of the fashion world. The singer usually repeats outfits on rare occasions. He loves to wear the latest trends. And he does it both for public events in luxurious places and to go to buy bread. Although it may seem like random combinations at times, everything has been carefully chosen. He knows that the paparazzi lurk around every corner and that a bad photo goes viral in seconds.

In fact, JLo is also a reference, because the diva of Bronx has its own fashion brand. The North American has a firm where she markets her own designs. And by the way, she is also one of the fetish divas of international designers from around the world.

Jennifer Lopez

In one of his last appearances, JLo He made an appearance with wide white high-waisted pants that did not go unnoticed by his fans. And if you don’t either, you’re in luck, because in Zara you will find a very successful version at a laughable price.

Zara has a version of Jennifer Lopez’s pants

We are talking about the straight pants under the turn that you can find in the catalog of Zara. A piece that begins to mark the line that separates summer from autumn.

Straight pants from Zara1

Straight pants from Zara

This pants from Zara It is characterized by its high-waisted cut that streamlines the hips and will make you appear taller. On the other hand, it has a straight and wide leg that provides a high level of comfort.

Zara’s pants cost 25.95 euros

Meanwhile, in the lower zone it ends in return. In the back area it shows off two pockets as decoration. And it is completed with a front zip and button closure.

Straight pants from Zara

Straight pants from Zara

This pants from Zara It is made with cotton in a 58% and lyocel in a 42%. It has a slightly tan color. It is available in sizes ranging from XS to L. And its price is 25.95 euros.

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