Zara invests in repositioning. The timing of collaborations accelerates

Zadar intensifies the frequency of the four hands collections. The flagship brand of the giant Inditex has just communicated the arrival of the second release born from the collaboration with the Filipino designer Rhuigi Villasenor. The line Rhu (acronym of Redesigning Human Uniform) “ventures beyond the traditional codes of menswear to allow total freedom of expression through style”, declared the brand at the launch of the first collection last May. Villaseñor is the founder of the design firm Rude as well as creative director of bally. “The premise and goal of this project remain the same: to allow young people with a real budget to access my aesthetic codes and my design. Rhu is an exercise in fashion democracy in which each piece is conceived, prototyped and produced with the values ​​of dignity and accessibility in the forefront”, explains the designer speaking of the line on sale starting February 20th.

The same concept of democratization has characterized the increasingly numerous collaborations between luxury brands and fast fashion giants since 2004, the year in which Karl Lagerfeld led the way by signing a capsule with H&M. Zara has kept away from the phenomenon for a long time but in recent years has introduced more and more capsules and special collections with emerging talents, sportswear brands and established designers. Just think of the projects with Marangoni Institute, Lot and Everlastjust to name a few, up to the incisive project with Il brand Good American Of Khloe Kardashian.

However, unlike its competitors, Zara is launching a series of proposals created in partnership with other labels with an accelerated speed. Before the arrival of the new Rhu line, it was the turn of footwear made together with the English brand clarks. A men’s, women’s and children’s collection that met with excellent sales success preceded by the collaboration with the Korean label Ad Error. In September it was the turn of a 25-piece women’s capsule in tandem with the designer Narciso Rodríguezfirst flirt with luxury.

The purpose of this myriad of projects? Zara seems to be chasing the well-known collaborations launched on a regular basis by the competitor H&M (but currently on stand-by), implementing a branding repositioning. At the same time, this type of strategy attracts a large but, at the same time, segmented audience. From luxury to sportswear passing through niche brands without forgetting the always numerous drops with the world of licensing. Currently the online store offers a selection of menswear items dedicated to Babara historic character in French children’s literature, proposed with an ad hoc campaign inspired by the world of camping, far from the usual projects featuring cartoon characters, much more refined in terms of image and communication.

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