Zayn Malik and Gigi Hadid, is reconciliation in sight?


Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik formed one of the couples most envied in the stratosphere of Hollywood. The couple famously declarations of love via social networks, and became the center of attention in his public appearances.

However, a year ago that put an end to their relationship, after many comings and goings. A painful rupture that caused a great impact among his fans all over the world, but now, they sound strong rumors of a possible reconciliation of the couple.

The rumours started after the rupture of the Victoria’s Secret angel with the model Tyler Cameron after two months of relationship. A source very close to the former couple has been the one that has fueled rumors of a possible reconciliation, affirming that Gigi never came to forget completely to Zayn.

Gigi has always felt something for Zayn, have a great history. Went through a phase where they had to take some time out and not even communicated, but have been in contact lately. She supports him and they chat once in a while, everything has been casual,” explained the source.

The couple began their love story in the year 2015, and put an end to the same last year because they had realized that they were no longer compatible. Since then, nothing more was heard of it until then a couple, but according to new information, could be a new opportunity.

The rumors have fueled even more after that Gigi, out caught leaving the apartment of Zaynand in the social networks have also been echoed by the possible approach of the former couple. The artist has returned to follow the model on Instagram and she has given “likes” to several publications of the singer, including the video of ‘A whole new world’ from the movie Aladdín.