Zayn Malik regrets ‘deeply’ the racism prevailing in the society


The british singer broke her silence on the social networks to demand reforms that will cut root of the institutional discrimination suffered by the minorities

The singer Zayn Malik finally released its first entry into the social network Instagramin a period of more than three months, to reflect openly about the racism and discrimination that, once again, has proved yet another case of police brutality against the african-american community in the united States.

Cousin of Zayn Malik dies at five years of age
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Zayn Malik regrets ‘deeply’ the racism prevailing in the society

In addition to sharing a background fully black to join the initiative ‘Blackout Tuesday’ and to show solidarity with the protests related to the death, last week, of George Floyd at the hands of a police officer that prevented him from breathing for nearly nine minutes, the vocalist of One Direction wanted to express the “deep” sadness that invades before the clear injustices arising from such acts.

“What is happening now is exactly what happens when you leave an open wound and no cure, and over you act as if nothing in front of it”, is mentioned in an extract from the message that you shared on your account, which makes direct reference to the character implanted with a problem of political, social and economic.

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You have to raise the voice

The music star, who expects her first child with the model Gigi Hadid, insisted that the citizenship can not and should not “keep quiet” in the face of these intolerable episodes, in addition to encouraging your followers to get involved in one way or another -by making donations, supporting demonstrations or learn properly – in the struggle against xenophobia.
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