Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, a new glitch allows you to get easy bucks

During the last period, many new discoveries have been made flaws In The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdomwith the aim of making it easy to earn Rupees and various items that can be obtained in the game.

one of the best flaws to get a lot Rupees With minimal effort (working from version 1.1.2 of the game) there is definitely frozen meat, As explained in the video by YouTuber, Austin John Plies, to fix this bug you need to:

  • Meat;
  • two sticks;
  • very zonanius;
  • Schematrix capability.

The first step to a successful scramble is to throw two pieces of meat grounded (the type selected is independent, even if XXL meat is the one that sells for a higher price), then you have to melt the pieces Join two branches of a tree and join the two together at the end.fleshy armsthen to make a design schematics Will be able to reproduce.

After this, you have to move away from the place where you initially threw the meat on the ground and use zonanius To recreate the two sticking arms. After recreating the two “flesh arms” you will need to combine them with the two you created initially (creating a set of four “flesh arms”) and repeat the process until you reach one. structure Of 21 “Fleshy Arms” Everyone joined together.

after doing all this you have to go to asnow field And then sit by the fire until the weather shows nothing but snow. after that, you have to equip creation Move away from and fire as the main weapon. If it appears cold enough that the flesh can separate from the stick and fall solid to the ground, the manipulation is successful.

later you have to open it schematics and choose the texture of the meat 21 pieces, With the building selected, keep the building above the ground for a few seconds No must be selectedConstruction, After a while, the flesh of the structure would materialize and solidify on the ground. finally yes they collect repeats the process to obtain these items and all frozen meat and desired Rs.

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