Zendaya, Amanda Seyfried, Aya Nakamura and He Kong enter the Louvre for Lancome

It is a partnership between the Louvre and Lancôme, who believe that beauty is a living art in constant evolution, without fixed rules or boundaries. In this way, the collaboration tells the stories of women that reflect our time and transcend the eras, geography and culture of our modern world.

The campaign features Lancôme’s global ambassadors including Zendaya, Amanda Seyfried, Aya Nakamura and He Kong, contemporary muses alongside immortalized Louvre goddesses such as Victory of Samothrace, Venus of Arles, Diana of Gabia, Corinne or Venus. de Milo. Each of these sculptures represents femininity, strength and beauty that transcends time and inspires women today.

The campaign, signed by Publicis Luxe, will launch worldwide on September 4, 2023.


Brand: Lancome International

President of Lancôme International: Françoise Lehmann

VP Global Communications and Image Lancôme: Mylène Kerzhan Director of International Animation Marketing: Rachel Mladjenovic Director of Brand Axis Animation: Stephanie Judd

Project Manager: Camila Manrique

Agency : Publicis Luxe

Executive Creative Directors: Marie-Eve Schettl, David Soussan

Creative Directors: Nicolas Chauvin, Gregory Atea.

Creative: Alice Colagrande, Johan Dubret, Amin Bouzidi, Eleanor Munier, Vincent Piveto Strategy: Christine Milan

Managing Director: Donatien Souriau Director of Account Management: Mathieu Daversen Group Manager: Léa Gremot


Directed by: Georgia Hudson’s Heroic Films Arthur Lacomblese’s Digital Films Charles Helle’s Grocery Films Television Producer: Severin Collandre


Visual Beauty by Sölve Sundsbo Still Life by Charles Helleu

Behind the scenes of Alex Raduan

Production: colors, amazing sound Production: amazing Editor: Mathematic

Post-production: mathematical, amazing


Title: House of El

Artists: House of EL, Jay Prince, Laura Mvula

Voices: Zendaya, Amanda Seyfried, Aya Nakamura, Hae Kong

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