Zendaya criticized the look of Disney debuts

Zendaya is a fashion icon today, but she made her entertainment debut at a very young age and today struggles to embrace some of the red carpet looks she wore as a teenager.

Today, we could never believe in the possibility of a glamorous blunder. Zendaya. However, the actress is aware that she made some mistakes along the way. Also through the fault of a young age, she made her first steps in the world of entertainment (including on the red carpet) thanks to Disney. However, it was then that the actress showed outfits that she regrets today.

Zendaya criticized her first image
Zendaya. Credits: Ansa – VelvetMag

How can you blame her, given that today she is considered a full-fledged fashion icon, followed step by step by her vetted stylist Lowe Roach (although the latter has recently stated that he has left the fashion system, with the exception of Zendaya). Actress best known for blockbusters such as Euphoria, Spiderman AND DunesZendaya is also close to the most famous fashion houses in the world, most notably Louis Vuitton AND Valentine, as well as global ambassador Bulgarians.

Zendaya regrets her first red carpet appearance:It could have been done better

Interviewed Elle On the eve of the actors’ strike in Hollywood, the actress admitted which of her past images she regrets the most. And he could not help but repeat his steps, stopping in years debut Houses Disney Channel. Zendaya owes her first popularity shake it, one of the shows that aired on the Disney Channel. At one time, she also participated in a press tour, always walking along the red carpet, and today, looking back at these shots, the actress says that she regrets her choice. The one he criticizes the most was worn in Monaco. She opted for a pair of dark flared jeans paired with a turquoise cardigan and a striped blouse.

Zendaya criticized her first image
Zendaya. Credits: Ansa – VelvetMag

You might be surprised to know that, according to People, this was one of the very first looks that Lo Roach chose a young Disney star for themselves. They first met through a family friend, Zendaya was 14 years old. By continuing to work together, today’s actress would rather avoid that mistake, but she’s glad it happened. “I’m mad at him even now“, He said Ellealbeit in a playful tone. “I wanted to tell him, “Why did you make me wear these things?” you could do better“. And dissatisfied, actress Euphoria he was angry, remembering the first silver jacket which Roach designed for her. She wore it to the movie premiere Never say neverdocumentary Justin Bieber in 2011. At the time, she considered it to be an “edgy” image. Today she thinks it’s just cute.

Over time, her style has changed, and her interest in fashion has become stronger and stronger. Apparently, thanks to the mother. Today, Zendaya continues to experiment, but every red carpet appearance is a gamble that has won from the very beginning. And recently, the actress even allowed herself to change her hairstyle, demonstrating elegant bob haircut and trimmed, which also brightens the features of the face, setting aside long unruly curls. Ryu.

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