Zendaya renegotiates her fee, here’s how much she earns now

The protagonist of Euphoria Zendaya would have asked for and obtained a considerable salary increase in view of the third season: here’s what we’re talking about.

After seeing his career take off also and above all thanks to Euphoriathe series that won her two Emmy awards, it seems that Zendaya asked for and received a sizable pay raise to appear in the third season. Production on the third season of the HBO teen drama hasn’t yet begun, but at least this news leads us to believe that the actress will return as her Rue Bennett, a teenager struggling with drug addiction.

Euphoria 3 and Zendaya’s millionaire salary

The journalist took care of signaling a new alleged agreement signed between Zendaya and HBO Matthew Belloni Of Puck. According to reports, the actress would have managed to snatch a record amount from the American cable network, until now reserved for a few stars: $1 million per episode. Belloni points out: “A few stars have grossed 1 million dollars an episode, and it has mostly happened in miniseries (Michael Keaton in Dopesick by Hulu, Elisabeth Moss in Shining Girls by Apple) or even in ongoing series (Jason Sudeikis in Ted LassoHarrison Ford and Helen Mirren in 1923Chris Pratt in The Terminal List). This happens especially when production costs are taken into consideration. I was told that Zendaya just completed a major renegotiation for Euphoria of HBO which probably brings her closer to that club”.

Because that’s good news

For us viewers, actually, the increase in Zendaya’s fee for Euphoria that would be good news, because it would mean that HBO is still investing heavily in the series and is still banking on one of its brightest stars, as well as interpreter of one of the most important characters. It is also hoped that in this way the filming will not suffer further delays, given that Zendaya’s commitments in Dunes 2 had already postponed production by several months. Now, we believe, the actress will certainly have more incentive to return to the set of the teen drama Sam Levinson.

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