Zirconomia starts again in Rome with the Green Transition Report

Circonomia, the festival of the circular economy and ecological transition, kicks off again in Rome on 14 September with the presentation of the Green Transition Report in Italy and across the European Union; then many events in Alba until the Green Music Contest on October 27th in collaboration with Collisioni, AgriRock festival.

The eighth edition of the festival, dedicated to the circular economy, has many events planned, organized by GMI (Greening Marketing Italia), Cooperativa Erica, Aica (International Association for Environmental Communications) and Eprcomunicazione. Also for live events, the venue for Circonomia will be Palazzo Banca d’Alba, and the conference room will be provided by title sponsor Banca d’Alba. The first stop of Circonomia Live will be on the morning of September 14 in Rome, where the presentation of the festival’s annual report will take place. The title of the initiative is “Ecological transition: where is Europe?”, they will take part in a meeting that will take place in collaboration with the Civita Association in the Gianfranco Imperatori hall in Piazza Venezia 11 (starts at 9.30), Chamber Vice-President Fabio Rampelli, Deputy the head of the Democratic Party group in the chamber Simone Bonafé, the president of Legambiente Stefano Ciafani, the general director of Confindustria – Cisambiente Lucia Leonessi, the president of the National Consortium of Waste Mineral Oils Riccardo Punti. The day, which began with a greeting from Gianni Letta, President of the Civita Association, will see a speech by the Minister of the Environment, Gilberto Pichetto Fratin, and will end with a multi-vocal discussion between the journalist Tonia Mastrobuoni, author of the book. Erosion,” an accusation against the “sovereign” and anti-environmental European right, as well as journalists Italo Bocchino and Flavia Perina.

After the Roman stage, Zirconomia will return to the usual Langhe setting with numerous events: starting Wednesday, September 20, at 10.30 at Cinema Moretta (Corso Langhe 105, Alba) with a show dedicated to local high schools “Yes I Can”. ‘, curated by the Ricrea Consortium, with narrator Luca Pagliari, who will be in dialogue with Roccandrea Iascone, Ricrea PR Manager, and Roberto Cavallo. We will continue in the conference room of the Palazzo Banca d’Alba (via Cavour, 4) at 17.30 with the meeting “When hospitality and sustainability enrich a territory – the circular economy of tourism”: after the greeting of the President of Atl LangheMonferratoRoero Mariano Rabino, Michiel Costa, Manager of the Hotel La Perla and President Marathona dl Dolomiti, Mariangela Franch, Professor of Management, Marketing and Sustainability Management in the Tourism Sector at the University of Trento, Sergio Gargiulo, President of Federalberga Capri and Eva Codina Kandelich, General Director of Casa di Langa. The moderator will be Bruno Bertero, Director of Atl LangheMonferratoRoero.

Thursday, September 21, at 16:30, again at Banca d’Alba with the slogan “When sustainability pays off!” – Circular economics in non-financial reporting: new directions for Europe between ESG and ETS. The debate, organized in collaboration with the Order of Chartered Accountants and Accounting Experts of Asti, will be led by Fabrizio Fiocchi, ESGeo and Laura Corazza, Regno, followed by presentations by some companies that will present their sustainability reports, from Feralpi to Morato Pane, from Greenthesis Group to La Filippa and Silvateam. The event will conclude with a discussion between Piercarlo Rossi, professor at the University of Turin and member of the board of directors of Banca d’Alba, and Gian Luca Galletti, former minister of the environment and president of EmilBanca and member of the board of Nomisma Directors.

The busy program on Thursday, September 21 will end at 21:00 with a meeting of Linkedin’s Top Voices Ambiente 2023 leaders Alice Pomiato, Andrea Grieco, Nicola Lamberti, Ottavia Belli, Tommaso Perrone and Giuseppe Manno. The first greetings will be by LinkedIn News Director Marco Valsecchi and Massimo Marengo from Albasolar, and the evening will be hosted by Roberto Cavallo.

“The General State of the Circular Economy in the Province of Cuneo, organized by the Crc Foundation,” will take place on Friday, September 22, at 15:30. The event will be hosted by Emanuela Rocío, director of Envi.info, and Roberto Cavallo will present the circular economy project of the Crc Foundation. This was followed by a debate between Ezio Raviola, Fondazione Crc, Giuliana Cirio, Confindustria Cuneo, Dennis Mazeri, Confcooperative and Samantha Silvestri, Csv Cuneo. The meeting will conclude with a forward-looking lecture by Michel Moretti, “Sustainability Made Easy,” on the topic “Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things and more in service of the circular economy.”

At 18.30 there will be a presentation of the book “Che il mondo ti somigli” with the participation of the President of the Confcooperative Nazionale Maurizio Gardini, who will conduct a conversation with the authors Allegra Groppelli and Beba Sliepcevic, moderated by Carlo Borgogno from the Milton bookstore in Alba. Following a discussion between Silvio Barbero from the University of Gastronomic Sciences of Pollenzo; Massimo Centemero, director of the Italian Consortium of Composters and Agronomists; Roccandrea Iascone, Consorzio Ricrea Acciaio and Tino Cornaglia, Banca d’Alba.

The grand finale, again this year, with the fourth annual meeting of the Green Heroes, on the morning of Saturday, September 23: starting at 10 am, Annalisa Corrado, Francesco Ferrante and Roberto Bragalone will present the Kyoto Club Circular Economy Champions, chosen together with Alessandro. Gassmann. From 4:00 pm Milton Bookshop will host a “Green Night of Bookshops” with an author-presented presentation of four books from 3:30 pm: Iran, Women and Uprisings (Cholet, 2023) by Sarah Hijazi; at 16.30 “Turning Point”. How to change your life through resilience and strategic thinking” (Feltrinelli, 2021), Paola Gianotti; at 17:30 – “Un Due Tre Stella” (Mimesis, 2023) by Fabrizio Meni; at 21:15 “One Way Trips (And Some Returns)” (TS Edizioni, 2023) by Davide Demichelis.

Finally, great news for the third Green Music Contest, a music competition dedicated to the environment: from this year it will be held in collaboration with the AgriRock Collisioni festival, with a final evening featuring singers. from all over Italy, will take place at the Circus in Tanaro Park on Friday 27 October. The Circonomia Live meetings scheduled in Alba will take place in the conference room of Palazzo Banca d’Alba. All Circonomia 2023 events are open to the public and broadcast on various social platforms and on Circonomia TV.

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