Zoe Kravitz candid about the serious problems of the series ‘Divergent’ when “lost the course”


Zoe Kravitz it was one of the actresses of the cast of the ill-fated saga ‘Divergent‘that ended without being able to finish his story because of various problems in the shoot and at the box office.

Your protagonist Shailene Woodley already ever talked about his opinion of the saga, but now it has done so Kravitz, who may not even remember in her role of Christina.

During his interview on the podscast Armchair Expert Dax Shepard, the daughter of Lenny Kravitz it has been opened up to about what went wrong in the project.

“With all due respect, these movies they are not my favorite project. I think that as was advancing the story lost his course because no one knew what we were doing, which makes it very difficult. I like to do what is needed of me, but once vision is lost, sand becomes something very difficult,” says Zoe.

“I think that also depends on how you do things. When you’re running away from something and the heat is unbearable and you can’t see anything because everything is done by computer…”, he recognized the actress on the abuse of the effects digital.

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