Zoë Kravitz on the chaos that was filming ‘Divergent’ when the saga lost the way: “it Was very hard”


The way to the big screen in ‘The series Divergent’ was not as successful as other franchises for teens, mainly because of the disaster of the criticism is joined by a loss of interest among the spectators, and the feeling that no one was at the helm of the saga. Now, after its star, Shailene Woodley, confessed that he was dealing with personal issues very serious during filming, Zoë Kravitz has wanted to talk about what really happened to the boat by the end of shipwrecked.

  Zoë Kravitz in 'The series Divergent'

“With all due respect, these movies were not of my favorite projects. I think that as we were advancing the story lost direction because really no one knew what we were doing, which makes it very hardhe assured the actress in conversation with Dax Shepard. “I like to go where needed if what we are doing”says talking of her role as an actress, but once vision is lost, it becomes something very hard.

This interpreter also wanted to point out that there was an added difficulty: the tremendous abuse of the green screen, tool in post-production, the film allows you to complete the recorded sequences with scenes generated by computer. “I think that also depends on how you do things. When you’re running away from something and the heat is unbearable and you can’t see anything because everything is done by computer…”. It seems that, in addition to the lack of direction, Kravitz also liked the technique chosen for this saga that is not managed to conclude his career on the big screen.

A Catwoman very committed

Before the confinement that has resulted in the stoppage of filming of the upcoming project of the actress, Kravitz has decided to continue his training at home. And is that play Catwoman in ‘The Batman’ requires a commitment to physical important, one that has not been stopped with the quarantine. “It is not that the study I have called and I said ‘no engordes’. But wearing four or five months training and the first couple of weeks that I was in self-isolation, I wrote to the director, Matt, and I said: ‘Maybe we have to make the cat suit a couple of sizes bigger when all this is over’. So I decided quickly that I had to put the batteries and I’ve been doing exercise virtually with my trainer five days a week”he said this interpreter pointing out that his goal is to be ready to resume the shoot as soon as you can.

Also, due to the pandemic of coronavirus, this film directed by Matt Reeves has had to delay its premiere until October 1, 2021.