Zoë Kravitz says the intense training you do to become the legendary Catwoman


We must recognize that since we knew that Zoë Kravitz I was going to be Catwoman in ‘The Batman’ next to Robert Pattinson (Bruce Wayne in fiction)the level of this new movie came up as a foam.

In addition, everything indicates that the film has already started to be filmed, despite the fact that it had been rumored that he would not until Pattinson to achieve the physique of the character. Apparently they succeeded.

Is that as we all know, when it comes to an action movie, the actors and actresses are subjected to harsh preparations physical, whether it be to acquire a body more muscular, or to be able to shoot scenes of a lot of action without difficulty.

With this in mind, imagine what that must be put on the skin to Catwoman. Kravitz told in the program Ellen DeGeneres who was preparing physically with hard exercises, so much so, that I could barely walk back home.

“It’s going very well. It is very exciting. I’ve also been training a lot, which has been great and hard,” said Kravitz. “It is very physical. I come home limping every day“he confessed to Ellen.

The actress also told that the production of ‘The Batman’ began earlier this month in London and after the show, it would take a direct flight to that place.