Zöe Kravitz shaving her long hair


Zöe Kravitz has already been put into the skin of Catwoman, the next character that will be in the movie the Batman, which will start shooting in January. The actress has wanted to renew its image in the face of this new challenge and has cut off the long hair wearing for months and that she looked with dreadlocks, a hairstyle that is until two days ago, he shared with his father, Lenny Kravitz.

The protagonist of ‘Big Little Lies’ surprised his followers with one of your hair cuts favorite, the ‘pixie’. A hairstyle that I wore years ago and became one of its signs of identity, taking it even in the colour platinum blonde. In addition, it appears with this hairstyle in the campaigns of YSL Beauté, the signing of which is an ambassador for several seasons.

Zöe has returned to this mane is very short which is another of your stylist Nikki Nelms. The hairdresser has opted for a ‘pixie’ short blunt which leaves the face of Kravitz’s very clear and with which it has managed to soften his features. A court very versatile only suitable for the more daring, with which the performer seems to be haunted.

Your friends and followers have praised this radical change of look. Naomi Campbell, Emily Ratajkowski and Charlize Theron have pointed out that Zöe is “very pretty”. Their fans have already related the ’pixie’ with his new role as Catwoman, leaving comments such as “meow” or “in the end, Catwoman has the same hairstyle in the comics”.