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A January afternoon, Zoë Kravitz was in a sushi restaurant, but their thoughts were almost 5000 kilometers of distance and more or less ten years in the future. In particular, I was thinking about the guy that was selling “something important”. Came with your product hidden in the case of a guitar.
I had less than 25 years and worked from time to time. It was another inhabitant of Brooklyn, smart and young, with time on their hands, and a predisposition to think of more. Without knowing it, was also doing research work for his first starring role, in the series of Hulu High Fidelity, based on Nick Hornby’s novel.

Kravitz plays the owner of a record store in Brooklyn whose life –including the love aspect– it is not advancing in any direction. “I did lots of silly things and maybe it was a person very difficult with which to establish a relationship. But I think that any young man of 21, 22 or 23 it is,” he said.
It seems that Kravitz, 31 years old, was always famous –that is accomplished with a presence indelible on-screen, and parents iconic– but for years he was on the periphery of the action, playing characters cast tormented in films epic as Mad Max: Fury Road and the saga of Divergent. However, that is about to change.

Will soon go to London to begin filming his role most important film to date, Selina Kyle –better known as Catwoman– in The Batmandirector Matt Reeves. Robert Pattinson plays the knight of the night, Colin Farrell is the Penguin, and, in the true style of the star of an adaptation of a comic book, Kravitz said he could not reveal much, except that he never imagined being the protagonist of a film of this level. “Truly I thought that I would devote myself to theater and independent films,” he said. “I liked when I was young. In addition, I thought that it was made. I did not see a lot of people that looks like me in the big films”.


Coming out of anonymity
A lot has changed since then, for Kravitz in the personal and in the industry as a whole. During two seasons, in Big Little Lies, Kravitz played ” Bonnie Carlson, yoga instructor and wife of the handsome former of the character of Reese Witherspoon. In the midst of a cast of celebrities who give –attacking verbally, sometimes destroying rooms, literally– she was an island of reserve is cautious, and his eyes hint at deep painful.

In the first seasons, Bonnie seemed to float in the periphery of the story. In the second season, gave a narrative of truth, which demanded that he sit at the side of his mother, who was in a coma in a hospital ward and few of the other characters came to visit. The critics and the viewers are realized: the series was criticized for his apparent lack of interest in the interior life of Bonnie.
Kravitz said that he had felt drawn to the role of Bonnie –who is white in the novel Liane Moriarty on which is based the series– because it was an opportunity to work with the director Jean-Marc Valleé and with a “cast of dreams” composed by Witherspoon, Nicole Kidman, Laura Dern and Shailene Woodley, with whom he made three films Divergent and with the that had practically grown. When he read the script, said Kravitz, “I thought that was very cool and necessary, and as if it was filling some kind of empty creative that I never knew I had”.

Zoë Kravitz is the executive producer of High Fidelity, as well as its protagonist, and the series –funny, witty and very personal– it seems the fruit of their sensitivity. The actress, who attended high school in New York and has treasured memories, said that he had long been a fan of the book and especially the film version of Stephen Frears of the year 2000, starring John Cusack as Rob and Lisa Bonet as a singer with whom he is recovering from a previous relationship.

The actress 31-year-old will join Colin Farrell and Robert Pattinson in the tape, The Batman, directed by Matt Reeves. Its premiere will be in 2021.

“For some reason High Fidelity it was one of the few pieces of art, in which they had engaged my parents that I really got to see as something apart. It is something rare, because it can be very uncomfortable and strange to see that your mother kisses John Cusack and all that, but it became a film that I loved, that looked often and could quote”.

In the first script, the main character lived in Los Angeles and would have worked in a radio station. Kravitz proposed to move the story to New York and to a record store, dusty in a basement. Those decisions, he said, helped to determine other aspects of the series, as set for the history in Crown Heights, a part of Brooklyn. The employees of the record store are now two black women (Rob, the character of Kravitz, and Da’vine Joy Randolph My name is Dolemite) and a man gai shy (David Holmes). When Rob reviews the five relationships that broke his heart during a scene in retrospect, the list includes women and men. They just wanted a cast to look more authentic.

“If that series was set in Iowa or something like that, I would be fine, but it was assumed that they lived in Brooklyn. There are black people everywhere. It is inevitable. The same happens with Woody Allen. Why are there no black people in his movies? It is impossible to. They are everywhere. We are by all parties. Sorry, but we are on all sides.”

Kravitz acknowledged that perhaps there’s a strength of a reflection around the idea of a version of High Fidelity in which you change the genders of the characters, as happens in any project where you opt for to do that, between a certain type of viewers. “I think that many white men who identified themselves with the book they believe belongs to them and are ready to attack us, and will have problems to see it from another perspective. But I think that, if they exceed this detail, you will see that in fact we honor the original material, according to me”.

This type of conversation is good practice to: Kravitz is going to move to London to shoot a film in which he plays a character iconic in the comics, and is aware that any tie that fans of High Fidelity have a specific idea of Rob Gordon does not compare with the feeling of belonging that they feel the geeks of today in respect of Batman. “While I do not allow it to become an obstacle to what I need to do in order to find this character and make it mine, so that it is as authentic as possible, I welcome you to all the fans and their opinions, as well as the love that you feel for this universe,” he said, with a smile diplomatic. Source: NYT