Zoe Saldana dedicates herself to the sweet, learning from pastry chef Cedric Grolet.

Zoe Saldana decided to learn how to make desserts. And he did it at the direction of the French confectioner Cedric Grolet.

Apparently, Gamora, putting aside the Guardians of the Galaxy, decided to learn how to cook sweets. Seriously, an actress Zoe Saldana was immortalized in a video that went viral during learn how to cook sweets from none other than the famous French confectioner Cedric Groletowner of La Patisserie du Meurice.

How is Zoe Saldana doing in the kitchen?

Zoe Saldana

Zoe Saldana came to Paris to shoot the musical Emilia Perez with Jacques Audiard. In a published interview Vanity Fair she talked about her work projects but also revealed that she took the time to learn more about making desserts. And since he was in Paris and that the confectioner Cedric Grolet is also there, why not learn from the one who in 2018 received the title of the Best confectioner in the world in the ranking 50 best restaurants in the world?

Of course, Cedric Grolet did not let the actress prepare her famous rubik’s cube cake, but he started with slightly less ambitious projects. The two ventured into making desserts to listen to a song Come and get your love from Redbone. And if you’ve watched Guardians of the Galaxy, then you know very well that the song wasn’t chosen by chance (although I really don’t see Gamora, especially the new Gamora, intending to bake fruit pies for the rest of the team). ).

Both started from dough, then the actress, following Grolet’s detailed instructions, created one tartlet dough weaving. So we move on to the oven and filling with cream, fruit, more cream and more fruit (starting with blackberries and blueberries, and then many other berries). At the end of the lesson, the counter was full of mini fruit pies.

Which is certainly not in vain, given that at the end of the video, Zoe’s husband, Italian Marco Perego, and the actress’s three children, the twins Sai, Bowie and Zen, magically appeared at the end of the video. There familyafter tasting sweets, they apparently decided that mom was walking through the kitchen with brilliance, when everyone went out to treat fans waiting to meet the actress with cupcakes.

Finally Zoe Saldana wrote Instagram who had a lot of fun, also thanking Cedric.

Here you will find the full video of Zoe Saldana learning how to cook from French pastry chef Cedric Grolet.

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