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That he was in Paris to film a musical with Jacques Audiard. Emilia PerezZoe Saldana told us during a long interview in which she spoke to Vanity Fair about the male chauvinism of Hollywood, about her children, about her work projects. However, apparently between one take and another, actress Avatars And him Guardians of the Galaxy took the time to delve into the sweeter part of townthat its confectionery. And he did it in the company of one of the best, young man Cédric Grolet, world-famous confectioner, head of Confectionery du Meurice.

Here, in a historic and very luxurious hotel that has witnessed the history of Paris from 1835 to the present day, in the rooms where Philippe Starck worked, as well as Salvador Dali, Cedric creates individual servings, pies and other little masterpieces of sweet design every day.how spectacular rubik’s cube cake: ideas that earned him the title of the best pastry chef in the world in 2018 for 50 best restaurants in the world.

It’s on his side Zoe Saldana bakingfollowing his instructions step by step from behind a counter lined with colorful fruits in a video that went viral on social media of two people making a cake to the tune Come and get your love from red bones.

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The first step of the enterprise: kneading. Then assemble the tartlet by making an intricate weave of dough strips. Bake, then stuff: cream, fruit, more cream, more fruit. The result is a counter full of beautiful, colorful cupcakes.who need help to be eaten: then three of her children appear from under the counter: eight-year-old twins Cy and Bowie and six-year-old Zen as well as her father, the Italian artist Marco Perego, whom Zoya married ten years ago after a lightning engagement.

The whole family then left the candy store to offer the sweets prepared by the actress to the audience, who left the store to enjoy the show. “We had a lot of fun,” Zoe wrote on Instagram. Thanks, Cedric!

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