Zoe Saldana on Funny Reaction to Sequel Delay: “I’ll be 53 when the last one comes out!”

Zoe Saldana, the star of the Avatar saga, ironically commented on the postponement of three sequels. Avatar 5 is actually currently expected in eight years, in 2031.

writers’ strike caused quite a stir in the Disney family. In recent days it has indeed come to light that the studios had to postponing the release of many projects under development, including three sequels to the Avatar saga James Cameron. After the extraordinary success of the second chapter, Avatar: Path of WaterIndeed, fans will have to wait until December 2025 return to the planet Pandora. Then the same protagonist of the franchise began to comment on the news, Zoe SaldanaI’m worried that Avatars 5 will be released in eight years 2031.

Avatar – Zoe Saldana worries about new release dates

Zoe Saldana debuted in the saga Avatars only twenty seven years oldas the Na’vi warrior Neytiri. Therefore, in the past few hours, he has commented on the postponement of the next three sequels with one Instagram story – currently no longer available – in which he expressed his surprise at Disney’s decision:

Big! I will be 53 when the last Avatar movie comes out.. I was 27 when I made the first chapter.

Thus, an ironic comment, which, however, raises a legitimate question. As of now, 20th Century Studios hasn’t explained how they plan to address the aging of top stars. Avatars 3 And The first act of Avatar 4 wasIn fact, already turned around, as shown by Jon Landau himself, so it’s currently unclear why all three features were delayed. In the third chapter, two new clans are to be introduced, one of which is Ash people – will be at odds with the Na’vi tribe. For what concern throwwe will find the most famous faces of the franchise – Sam Worthington, Zoe Saldana, Jamie Flatters, Sigourney Weaver, Britt Dalton, Trinity Jo-Lee Bliss and Jack Champion joined by some new members: Michelle Yeoh, David Thewlis And Una Chaplinseries star Game of Thrones. Probably a return Stephen Lang, which gives the body and voice to Colonel Quaritch, rescued by his son Spider at the end of the second chapter. According to the new dates published in recent days, Avatars 3 will be in theaters December 19, 2025Bye Avatars 4 from December 21, 2029. L’final chapter James Cameron’s epic is currently scheduled for December 19, 2031.

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