Zoe Saldanha surprised with the role of Gamora: “I thought I only had two scenes”

Zoe Saldana was amazed by the enormous significance of her character in Guardians of the Galaxy 3.

Last time we saw Gamora (or at least the 2014 version of it), was in Avengers: Endgamewho disappeared after helping him Avengers V Battle for Earth. IN Guardians of the Galaxy Part 3instead we find it as part Ravagersplays an important role in the plot.

In the new release of the documentary Marvel Studios Assembled dedicated to the third chapter about the Guardians, Zoe Saldana revealed how she was initially convinced that her character would play a supporting role in the film:

I’m also surprised that Gamora plays a role in this chapter because I immediately knew what happened in Avengers: Endgame and I thought it was already an honor to appear in at least a couple of scenes to be able to say goodbye to her. everything… but I was surprised and grateful that I did more, that Gamora had a bigger role and even more to do.

Gamoras Volume 1 will probably have a lot in common with Gamora Volume 3. Even though they (the Guardians) had a similar experience with the other Gamora, they feel a certain closeness to her, but she doesn’t understand why. So she finds it difficult to understand this concept. But I find this Gamora very exciting because she is deeply independent and fierce. She’s different. She has a courage that Gamora never had.

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