Zoey 102, daughter of Jamie Lynn Spears, is also featured in the film.

15 years after the end of the series, Jamie Lynn Spears returns as the main character of “Zoey 102” and will not be alone: ​​her daughters will also keep her company, playing a cameo role.

Jamie Lynn Spears she’s back in the game and will once again bring her most iconic character back to TV, albeit this time in film format. Zoe 102 this is a sequel Zoe 101, Series which launched the career of Jamie Lynn Spears at the time and which, 15 years after its completion, is again broadcast on Paramount+ tell what happened to the PCA students. And it seems that the film also has daughter’s cameos main actress.

Zoe 102, the film also features cameo appearances by Jamie Lynn Spears’ daughters.

Although Jamie Lynn Spears has been busy in recent years, even starring in it. Magnolia color on Netflix, Zoe always had a free space in her heart. The actress was one of the first to want to return to the set to reveal what happened to all these characters years later, and it looks like Zoey 102 can’t do without two special cameos. Jamie Lynn Spears, who involved her two daughters on the set, told more: Maddie who is now 15 years old and ivy, the youngest (5 years). To the microphones ET Onlinethe actress explained:

The presence of my two girls in this film and their cameo debut was so special because they had to do it together. My daughter’s friend also had the opportunity to do this with her, and I consider her another daughter of mine. For me, as a mother, it was a moment of pride to see the meeting of these two worlds. Maddie told me that she liked what she saw (set, staging and all the context). He said, “Mom, I can’t believe they’re all here because this is a movie you made.” And it made me a proud mom because she recognized and saw that I could do great things. And her participation made it even more special.

In anticipation of the film’s release, which is already set for July 27, 2023 in the States and yet to be announced in Italy, Zoe 102 has shared yet another trailer. It’s been over ten years since the last time Zoe Brooks appeared on small screens and is still trying to understand love and life in general now that the fateful 30 is approaching. But the answer may come at some point. wedding special, the one Quinn and Logan. And it is thanks to the wedding that the students of Pacific Coast Academy will finally be able to find each other.

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