Zurich launches the LiveWell wellness app – Three Commandments

Zurich presented LiveWell, a comprehensive wellness application designed to accompany its Life Insurance clients with content related to people’s health and care. This app seeks to provide an extra benefit to accompany them to make decisions related to a positive and healthy lifestyle.

Aligned with the premise of the World Health Organization, LiveWell presents a holistic view of this concept. That is why it is focused on four axes of health: physical, mental, social and financial. In this sense, the application provides a content platform on each of these pillars, designed so that users can feed on information, advice, techniques and tools, which are combined with interactive monitoring programs to generate changes in habits in their day daily, with the aim of improving their quality of life.

Users will be able to set their goals according to their own characteristics and motivations. The application generates a personalized experience that is also combined with a program of benefits for accumulating points that can be exchanged for discounts and prizes, motivating and encouraging positive change.

“This new launch, which combines innovation, technology and sustainability, is a proposal that promotes a healthy lifestyle. We know that the average number of years of life has been extended and that it is important for people to live longer and better, that is why with LiveWell, Zurich’s wellness app, we help our clients to change and improve their habits so that they have a better life. ”, Commented Adriana Airas, Head of Communications of Zurich Argentina.

Livewell by Zurich is available for iOS and Android and can be linked with other monitoring applications and wearable devices to provide an accurate reflection of daily activity.

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