★ New study reveals Spanish flu’s significant hidden burden

Influenza is a common disease, but it is also often are underestimated, which can lead to serious complications, especially in groups Risks, such as older adults and people with chronic illnesses and/or immune system disorders was weakened. These complications may result in hospitalization and, in some cases, even to provoke this die.

Despite the seriousness of these possible consequences, the lack of diagnostic testing makes Influenza cases are largely underdiagnosed.Flu symptoms can confused and others disease respiratory system anyone simply he consider Moderate and Self-limiting, resulting in undercoding of influenza cases in registries doctor. as result, this Magnitude real of this burden of disease related and this influenza able unnoticed inside official statistics.

A recent study conducted in Spain reveals the estimated impact of influenza From 2008 to 2018, the disease lasted ten years seasonally in my country. Purpose ha Always estimating this burden Clinic and Economy of this influenza Serious exist Spain, he ha based on Statistical models have managed to measure the significant burden they represent Terms of Hospitalization and death toll connect.

One of the main conclusions is Significant increase in hospitalizations Due to cardiovascular and respiratory causes associated with influenza cases recorded. For each hospitalization coded with a specific influenza diagnosis, they estimate 3.8 Hospitalization additional due arrive question cardiovascular and respiratory system related and this influenza. this excessive of Hospitalization No only have A Influence exist this healthy, And in economic terms, the annual direct costs are estimated at €142.9 million all this age, and 115.9M of especially the euro exist Elderly patients of 65 Year.

Apart from, he study if A view farther detailed about this die connect arrive this influenza.During the analysis, it was estimated An average of 27.7 deaths per person each 100,000 population related and this influenza exist all stripe of age.

this Data provided go through this Research investment of appear importance of a better one Prevent and increase public awareness of influenza and indicate the need for improvements Vaccination rates, especially among high-risk groups such as seniors and older adults People with comorbidities.

Increase important exist this risk for he system respiratory system and cardiovascular exist bigger of 65 years

As observed, influenza infection causes respiratory and respiratory illnesses As non-respiratory diseases, cardiovascular diseases are the most prominent.of the total An estimated 37 million people are hospitalized in Spanish public hospitalsdiagnosis respiratory system and cardiovascular will represent 26.4% of this Hospitalization -forming this patient bigger of 65 Year 65.6% in-.

Based on this, excess influenza-related hospitalizations are estimated to occur across all age groups, period he period of study of 10 Year, used to be of 326,890 exist he case of this situation

respiratory system and cardiovascular –253,816 of them Observed exist patient bigger of 65 Year. so Excellent, this half of this speed yearly of excessive of Hospitalization go through diagnosis respiratory system and Prevalence of cardiovascular disease per 100,000 people in the Spanish population over nine seasons 75.0 Suitable for all ages. However, among people over 65, speed arrive this 335.3.

Regarding the mortality associated with these respiratory and cardiovascular complications, The total number of excess deaths during the study period was 74,694, of which 68,484 patient the rest of 65 Year.

While the clinical burden is particularly high, the direct costs of overdose are also high Hospitalizations related to respiratory and cardiovascular complications from influenza.inside For people aged over 65, the average cost of these hospitalizations is €115.9 million per person year, accounting for 76.4% of the estimated annual total of €142.9 million.During the period studied (9 season), he spend straight related and yes Hospitalization, exist all this age, arrive this 1339.1 million of EUR.

PhD. Angel Jill

Professor of Preventive Medicine and Public Health, King Juan University carlos and author study

The findings provide very valuable information about the impact of influenza on people this die. when Some people died, almost not he Register as A die go through Influenza, but it is often registered as a code for one of the following illnesses: The basis that patients have.In this study, we These patients may have had influenza at the time of death Antecedent of close time.This allows us to see the excess mortality that occurs Occurrence during seasonal influenza season is closely related to the above disease.

go through it Very, he study Quantify of shape farther precise he Influence of this influenza, it That obligation To achieve the coverage targets set by the World Health Organization, higher requirements Vaccination rates are at least 75% for people over 65 who are That Have a higher risk of complication and of die.

need of vaccine of High burden

Results from BARI study highlight huge burden of hospitalizations and hospitalizations Spanish flu-related mortality, highlights need for approach preventive, especially exist this population of age advanced. A of this Strategy clue I can High-load vaccines are widely used in people over 60 to prevent Flu infection and serious cardiovascular and respiratory problems trigger.

PhD. Esther round

SEMERGEN IMVAP Working Group Family Physician. (Responsible vaccine)

this vaccine of High burden Grant advantage Considerable exist this reduce of Hospitalization and mortality associated with influenza and its possible complications. his ability for Cover many kinds of strain of this influenza and his elderly effectiveness contribute arrive Reduce community spread of disease, thereby limiting case burden Serious.This will lower health care costs and ease the burden Economy this Flu is in system.

yes vaccine of High burden yes Designed for Protect better one forehead arrive this Infect go through influenza, Compared with the standard dose vaccine, the relative efficacy is 24.2% higher; And prevent related complications and reduce the number of hospitalizations of pneumonia of 27.3% and of 17.9% exist case of complication Cardiovascular.

Furthermore, given the economic burden identified in the BARI study, high-risk vaccines burden Can contribute arrive A reduce important exist this cost direct and indirect colleague With health care, there will be a Have a positive impact on public health sustainability of this system of attention medical.

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