10 cleaning tips from grandmas that never fail and last a lifetime (for windows, wood, mirrors, pipes…) // with video

Clean windows, windows, kitchen…luckily, Our Grandma’s Cleaning Tips To date, they remain the most effective in our daily lives. They are methods that still work and will definitely help you get out of more than one kind of trouble. Try it out and tell us your experience. Remember, grandma never failsthey are real cleaning expert.

Portrait of Pia CapdevilaPortrait of Pia Capdevila

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1. Remote control, landline phone, computer keyboard

Cleaning these devices can be a problem, but luckily, we have a solution.The trick is to use Ear swab soaked in alcohol. Next, you simply run the swab through the device to remove any remaining grease and dirt without the risk of getting it wet.

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