10 films will be shown in September 2023.

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This month of September, you will find a ranking of the most watched movies, which cannot be surprising unless some movies last for several months or are released on digital platforms. Some of the most popular oven-cooked meals are two movies that have been watched for a year and seen enough to be rated at home, and secondly, unrated.

The biggest surprises of the past can be found in the box below. Barbie, Elementos AND Ningham Vai te Salwartwo well-reviewed blockbusters and a long streak of terror with aliens launched without warning, straight to streaming, at the bad guys or the public.

It is worth noting that the ranking takes into account the number of bets made by users of the JustWatch website. Who knows what films have been watched since September 2023? See the full list below.

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10. Super Mario Bros. – About the film

I always use everything in life, as long as I remember the greens, greens, leaves and Tanuki pieces so that they remain in the Top 10, Super Mario Bros. – About the film It seems like we’re finally seeing a ranking of movies we’ve never seen before.

Nintendo’s adaptation of the cool spinner continues to amaze you with colorful animations and Easter eggs that are sure to bring joy to all gamers every day.

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Super Mario Bros. – About the film It is available now and can be purchased from iTunes, Amazon and the Play Store.

9. Homem-Aranya No Aranhavers

Surely taking advantage of the excitement surrounding the launch of its sequence on a digital platform, Homem-Aranha no Aranjaverso Re-enter the ranking of the most popular films. This short film in an animated cinema revolves around Miles Morales, a young man who is struck by a radioactive orange, and after Homem-Aranja’s death, his reality, including his character’s various poems.

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The film shows Miles discovering who he is, hoping to return to a decent home in New York.

Homem-Aranha no Aranjaverso It can be used on Disney+ and Prime Video, and can be found and purchased on Amazon, iTunes, Play Store and Microsoft Store.

8. In Pior Pessoa do Mundo.

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Proving its quality and reliability, In Pior Pessoa do Mundo Once again, no rating has ever been seen, focusing on the story of a young man trying to understand his life and his relationships. Divided into chapters, the film touches on themes such as love, loyalty and growing up every day.

Norwegian films have been nominated for the Oscar de Melhor Filme Internacional and Roteiro Original awards in 2022. Pior Pessoa do Mundo It can be used on Prime Video and can also be found and purchased on iTunes, Play Store and Amazon.

7. Homem-Aranha Através do Aranhaverso

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Homem-Aranha Através do Aranhaverso This gives continuity to the story of Miles Morales, which has now become the home of his reality. When he comes to the real army of Homens-Araña and listens to how to save the strange body or follow the destiny that his mask carries, he tries to prove that he chooses his own path.

The film reintroduces characters from the first film, such as Gwen Stacy and Peter B. Parker, and also introduces new versions of Homem-Aranha, such as Aranha Escarlate and Homem-Aranha 2099.

Homem-Aranha Através do Aranhaverso It is available locally and can be purchased from iTunes, Play Store, Amazon and Microsoft Store.

6. John Wick 4: Baba Yaga

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This or that character, which simply cannot be compared, John Wick 4: Baba Yaga It ranks quite high, especially considering that it has been on digital platforms for several months now.

The last chapter of the former assassin’s Frank shows his attempt to once again free himself from the dominion of Alta Cupulus, which he did as often as before.

John Wick 4: Baba Yaga It can be purchased and rented from the Microsoft Store, iTunes, Amazon and Google Play.

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5. Ningham Wai Te Salwar

Launched without streaming without warning, Ningham Wai Te Salwar It is a horror and science fiction film written by Kaitlyn Dever (Forum de Sery). She plays Brynn, a young man who lives in isolation and spends some of his days growing up, trying to control his anxiety and outdo his mother and his best friend to death.

One day the place is invaded, either because it’s a major torment, but things get complicated when it turns out that the invaders are aliens, forcing us to deal with trauma in order to survive.

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Ningham Wai Te Salwar ready to help you at Star+.

4. Que Horas Eu Te Pego?

Que Horas Eu Te Pego?new comedy starring Jennifer Lawrence (O Lado Bom da Vida), read the story of Maddie, a young man with serious financial problems who receives an offer to fall in love with the son of a millionaire’s house in the next few years.

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I say this as a businesswoman because the boy is quite reserved and Maddie sees an opportunity to live together. The problem is that the house wire is not consistent at all, which creates confusion in the process.

Que Horas Eu te Pego? It can be streamed on HBO Max and can be found and purchased on iTunes, Play Store and Microsoft Store.

3. Assassin Headquarters

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Assassin Headquarters This is suspense drawn by Shailene Woodley (Culpa é das Estrelas), who plays an investigator who tries to meet a serial killer. For every new attempt to catch a criminal, they fool the local police and the FBI, which complicates the matter.

If that weren’t problematic or enough, the young investigator’s injuries will move on to her torment so that she helps us realize that we are the only ones capable of meeting and preventing the killer.

Assassin Headquarters It can be used on Prime Video and can also be found and purchased on iTunes, Play Store and Amazon.

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2. Barbie

Looking at digital platforms in September, it’s surprising: Barbie cool, the next place is not ranking the films that helped me the most. A gift from our cinemas’ greatest cinema, Margot Robbie’s filmOh suicide squadron) is being adapted into a box from Mattel in a film full of humor and social criticism, showing Barbie and Ken’s journey through the real world to try to solve Barbie’s real-life problems.

Barbie It is available locally and can be purchased from iTunes, Amazon, Play Store and Microsoft Store.

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1. Elementos

Faturando or top of the podium, Elementos This is a Pixar project featuring a society called “Urban Element” where the four elements of nature live in harmony. The story shows Faiska, a woman of many years, a pleasant, sociable young man who easily expresses his emotions.

Theoretically, these two things should not be combined, but this is meant and they can be combined to achieve the entire harmony of the city. A romantic comedy that has a lot more to say than expected, with animation that will appeal to kids and adults alike, and certainly from Pixar.

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Elementos is available to help you on Disney+.

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