10 incredible behind-the-scenes details from the movie

Christopher Nolan and his team outdid themselves in a film about the inventor of the atomic bomb.

OppenheimerThe film about the father of the atomic bomb, which will be released today in Italian cinemas from August 23, 2023, has managed to be a success. The film, which has grossed over $240 million worldwide, is signed by one of the masters of modern cinema, Christopher Nolan.

The superb teamwork achieved on the big screen confirms the mastery of a director who is part of a larger machine. In addition to the world-famous cast, some of the rave reviews come from a proven team of employees. Because it’s the details that separate a good game from a great game, nothing escapes the production team. In particular, the ten behind-the-scenes details are clear evidence of the attention paid to every aspect.

Oppenheimer Behind the Scenes: Incredible Details

Oppenheimer's Incredible Details - Cinematographe.it

1) Decisive moment Oppenheimer And apt designation for the atomic bomb. Against the unwritten rules of the game, Nolan chose to avoid CGI. Computer graphics would be the most convenient solution, but it would not be able to create a scene as beautiful as it is intimidating. So he used a real bomb – a mixture of gasoline, propane, aluminum powder and magnesium. To give a sense of power, Nolan used a special shooting technique.

2) No recovery has been completed 100 percent in computer graphics. There is not even an image of atomic particles that would be much easier to shoot.

3) Cillian Murphy gives his face Oppenheimer brilliantly. Which differs from other physicists in an attractive appearance David Bowie, in the version of the seventies. The thin and emaciated appearance refers to the music star.

Oppenheimer's Incredible Details - Cinematographe.it

4) Cillian Murphy was close to playing the creator of the atomic bomb already in the series. Manhattan.

5) Curiosity about Robert J. Oppenheimer’s character sparked Christopher Nolan’s gift for him Robert Pattison, towards the end of Tenet’s production. The idea, a book containing speeches of the scientist himself, captivated him to such an extent that it prompted him to create a blockbuster. Nolan would like to sign a contract with Pattinson, continuing his cooperation in the keeper; however, he had to put all good intentions on hold due to the actor’s busy schedule.

6) A $100 million budget would normally be generous for dramatic work. However, this would not be enough to ensure a normal reputation for such first-class stars as Robert Downey Jr, Emily Blunt and Matt Damon. Who agreed to drastically reduce the fee in exchange for a share of the profits from the film.

7) In one of the climaxes of the entire feature film, US Secretary of War Henry Stimson (James Remar) excludes Kyoto from the target list. That’s because he and his wife spent their honeymoon there, debunking the theory that the government was cold-blooded in the deal. The detail was added later, at Remar’s suggestion, after some character research done on his behalf.

8) Christopher Nolan repeated the famous technique again IMAX extension, a common feature of his latest writings. At the time of filming, black-and-white film with this technique did not yet exist, so Nolan contacted Kodak directly.

9) coil Oppenheimer, 18 km longer and 270 km heavier, had to adapt the standard projector antenna. Already seen something Interstellarbut this is taken to the limit.

10) Christopher Nolan defied convention even with screenplay. Scenes filmed from Oppenheimer’s point of view were actually told in the first person to distinguish them from the rest.

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