10 Nutritionist Tips Few People Know

Losing Belly Fat Requires a Comprehensive Approach Balanced Diet, Targeted Exercise, and Healthy Habits. For effective results, it’s important to reduce your intake of processed foods and refined sugars, and choose a diet rich in fruits, vegetables, lean protein, and healthy fats.

Supplement this diet with cardiovascular and resistance exercise, such as run, swim, or lift weights, will help burn calories and strengthen your abdominal muscles. Furthermore, stress control, sleep quality, and avoiding a sedentary lifestyle are key aspects that are conducive to reducing belly fat in an effective and sustainable manner.

Suppression Therapy for a Flat Belly

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How to lose belly fat fast?

In addition to following a balanced diet, exercising, and developing good habits, nutritionists and lesser-known scientists offer a range of recommendations: burn belly fat.

1. Yogurt or kefir for breakfast

Breakfast with natural yogurt or kefir probiotics, such as lactic acid bacteria or bifidobacteriaImprove digestion and intestinal function.

A scoop of pre-ground chia seeds mixed with yogurt or kefir can boost the anti-bloating effect because it stimulates intestinal transit.

2. Drink more water between meals than with meals

If we drink a lot of water with meals, our stomach walls can swell and we end up with a “balloon” feeling. in addition, Too much fluid dilutes digestive enzymes and slows digestionwhich also causes swelling.

Many times, if we drink a lot of water with our meals, it’s because we haven’t hydrated before. Remember, we can set an alarm to drink water between hours. In summer, it’s a good idea to keep a bottle of water in your bag.

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