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Happy birthday, Virgo Woman! Those born under this sign are preparing for celebration: their season lasts from August 23 to September 22. Mutable Earth signVirgo comes after Leo and has its rational energy focused on enjoyment of the little things in everyday lifebrings us joyfully closer to the start of the working year and reminds us of the importance of being consistent, accurate and reliable. Were famous Virgos born? We’ll definitely mention Beyoncé, Zendaya, Salma Hayek and Blake Lively.. But how does a Virgo woman feel about beauty? We asked this question to the star expert.

Virgo woman’s favorite beauty products

“The Virgo woman, dominated by the planet Mercury and exalted in Uranus, is the most consistent of all the Zodiac when it comes to beauty,” she explains. Ginny Chiara Viola, author of the blog “A Kind Word for Everyone”. “We are not talking about an overly vain woman, but about a meticulous person, so concepts of care and health are of particular importance. Her favorite cosmetics are undoubtedly anti-aging creamspreferably pharmaceutical brands with proven scientific and dermatological DNA. She is not a woman who succumbs to modern beauty trends.: He often considers them frivolous and useless. Even makeup doesn’t particularly interest her. Being a good rationalist and an avid perfectionist, Virgo invests in problem-solving products, from anti-acne serum to anti-wrinkle mask.. She does not disdain professional procedures at all – from lasers to medical peels. You will delight her with high-quality products for cleansing the face and body. Don’t waste money on luxurious and gourmand perfumes that leave a trail: Virgo woman loves light floral scents and scents that smell clean and evoke a sense of fresh candor. As for products with a body care focus, the Virgo woman also appreciates this. cosmetics aimed at removing blemishesbe it cellulite or sagging skin.”

In the gallery we have collected 10 beauty gift ideas celebrate the Virgo woman’s birthday. Congratulations!

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