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weather of born in cancerStarting on June 22nd and ending on July 22nd, when the time comes for Leo. Water sign ruled by Moon, Cancer is the symbol of romance, Especially those born under the sign of Cancer – among whom we find people like the stars Margot Robbie, Lana Del Rey, Selena Gomez and Ariana Grande – They are sensitive and protective, but also moody and very sensitive. But how do they experience a connection to beauty and self-care? We asked an expert.

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Cancer women’s favorite beauty products

as told by astrologers Gini Chiara Viola, author of the blog A Good Word for Everyone: “The Cancer woman is very feminine and she likes to take care of herselfSo much so that she is an avid consumer of beauty products, especially skin care, makeup and perfume (she has little interest in nail and hair products). The femininity of a Cancer woman is delicate and never overbearing and provocative, Rather than red lipstick, eyeliner, and eyelash extensions, the Cancer woman prefers to flaunt skin that is always flawless and glowing. Really Invests a lot of time in daily skin routinewearing makeup in the sign of less is more, she loves look-a-boo bb creampink blush, nude eyeshadow and light colored lipgloss, The scent of flowers is another big passion; especially cancer womanor prefer to wear notes of jasmine, lily of the valley, peony and rose, i.e. the most romantic and loveliest flowers. As far as her hair is concerned, she prefers soft and natural hairstyles, such as a classic low bun or a ponytail. Although for a Cancer woman There’s nothing better than letting your hair (usually long) loose over your shouldersMaybe with a wavy crease and a bon ton headband detailing.

In the gallery we have collected 10 Beauty Gift Ideas To celebrate the birthday of the Cancer woman of your heart.

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