10 romantic teenage films to retrace those emotions that we miss

THE romantic movies teenagers they are a unique genre: as children, something to aspire to and that makes you dream, as teenagers they don’t seem so cringe (because you yourself/or are too cringe at that time to notice it) and as adults, with effective responsibilities, they are a path escape to rinse the brain from the thoughts of the day and in the meantime retrace those sensations there, between the chaos and the feeling of invincibility, naivety and first times.

Here are 10 teen romance movies not to be missed (if you want to have some fun):


Tell you that the male lead is that portent of Heath Ledger that should be enough to convince you. The film is a Enemies to lovers between «bad boy» Patrick Verona and radical feminist Kat Stratford. The scene where he serenades her to the tune of Can’t Take My Eyes Off Of You has dangerously raised our expectations on courtship but… today’s Latin lovers will take care of making them fall to the ground again, with likes on Instagram stories or reactions with fire. It all starts from one wager and well… you can bet on how it will turn out!

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As in 10 Things I Hate About YouJulia Stiles is again the female lead of a cult teen film of the period: Save the Last Dance. The film portrayed the love between a white girl and a black boy: their common passion for dance, their different backgrounds and the racist dirty looks with which they had to interface on a daily basis.

If these themes are still sadly on the agenda today, think how fundamental a film like this could have been in 2001. To be seen on Amazon Prime Video.


A light film on a heavier theme: lo shaming slut! The result, albeit ironic, tends to send a message of sexual liberationanticipating series such as Sex Education.

Emma Stone it is a guarantee and the scene in which the singing greeting card opens and closes well represents the improvised teenage concerts at home alone in front of the mirror.

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A 1995 cult film starring Paul Rudd who, 27 years later, has magically kept the same look. Cherplayed by Alicia Silverstone, is a true 90s style icon (and beyond).

The computer scene that helps her to combine her garments, to create the perfect outfit, anticipated all those apps today that do almost the same with the clothes in our wardrobes. Iconic!

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It is a modern take on the famous fairy tale. That final little speech made by Hilary Duff with that metaphor about waiting for a partner which is like waiting for rain in a drought is THE SCENE.

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A romantic trilogy based on the novels of the same name. The relationships between the protagonists are all pretty healthy, not so common in teen romance. It must be said that perhaps the two sequels have lost some power compared to the first film but, if you want to see how it ends, you have to get the complete package!


I know I know, this is THE MUSICAL. A masterpiece which is handed down from generation to generation and which still influences theatre, cinema and even masquerade parties (even Harry Styles recently disguised himself as Danny Zuko – alias John Travolta – for a touching tribute to Olivia Newton-John, for all simply Sandy).

In conclusion, Greaseis nothing more than a teen romance film, albeit enriched by hit songs, great performances and crazy costumes.

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With the mythical Drew Barrymore, one of the first films that comes to mind for the generation growing up in the 90s when it comes to teenage romance. In particular, that final scene of the kiss exchanged in the center of the field was at the center of the mental films of those who fantasized about the perfect first kiss with crush. The reality for most people has not turned out to be so memorable but still…

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Let’s be careful what we crave so much as teenagers, because it could come true as adults and reality often doesn’t turn out to live up to mind movies.

What we think we want at 13, imagining our life at 30, is based on the few and confused beliefs we have gathered up to that moment: the most beautiful in school that we would so much like to marry turns out to be a despicable person in the future, the friend who we consider “of the heart” may not love us all that much and that awkward best friend always ready to support us and tear a smile from us, brutally relegated to the friend zonecould turn out to be the perfect partner for us instead.


The film was not born with the intention of being purely romantic but, Mia and Michaelbecame the protagonists of some memorable corny scenes: the foot that lifts during the kiss (unequivocal sign of a great love apparently) e his selfless love (prefame, wealth and “transformation” of her) which flows into the iconic phrase of the princess of Genovia: “You saw me when I was invisible”. In a world that gives so much weight to the number of views, likes, comments and followers, look, as she did, who loves you when you’re invisible!

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