10 things you should avoid doing in EA Sports FC 24

Mistakes you should avoid on your first day in EA Sports FC 24 to always have the best learning curve and be on the path to championship success.

During the first hours of playing video games we can make a lot of mistakes, and obviously in games with the characteristics of EA Sports FC 24 these mistakes are commonplace, especially in ultimate team.

We may make a series of mistakes EA Sports FC 24Not only in Ultimate Team, but also in career mode, it is recommended that you know them so as not to fall into them.

Even if you’ve been enjoying different parts of this football saga for several years, that doesn’t mean you won’t end up making the same old mistakes.

So let us tell you this Mistakes to avoid in EA Sports FC 24Especially in Ultimate Team, which always has the best learning curve and difficulty.

10 things you should avoid doing in EA Sports FC 24

Try to be innovative: don’t keep repeating the same mechanics

FIFA 23 is another world and in this new version things have changed, so everything that worked for you before may not work for you now, so don’t despair.

Learn new mechanics that suit your way of playing, find the best routines for success and always get the best results.

Don’t spend coins on envelopes

We can obtain packs in dozens of ways, basically through weekly events, so you have to invest your coins in other situations where it really works, such as buying specific players on the transfer market.

Don’t discard any cards

You may have discarded certain cards that you thought were worthless, but they weren’t.

Throughout the seasons, the game’s programmers always find ways to create challenges, especially team-building challenges, which will require cards previously discarded by the user, which will then be worth thousands of gold coins on the transfer market.

Don’t buy cheat cards

We are referring to cards that look broken, have acceptable valuations and high prices on the transfer market.

The most normal thing is that they will eventually drop in price a lot, so avoid them.

You should only spend a lot of money on cards that are special or have higher ratings, so avoid trap cards.

Those Icon SBC…

They tend not to be very profitable, and you might end up with an icon you didn’t even want.

They are a series of templating challenges where you have to invest a lot of money and the rewards may not be very lucrative.

Try to avoid these SBCs unless you want to try it out or have a decent amount of coins.

The transfer market needs to be cautious

There will always be some users who are smarter than you, so you will always have some options to lose a lot of money in trading.

Try to only trade when it is risky and do not invest all the coins you own in risky trades as there is a high chance that you will lose them.

The first few hours are about learning, not winning

If you think about winning the game from the start, you’re on the wrong track.

You should dedicate the first few hours and even the first few days to studying as this will help you get the best possible learning curve.

Stay with the results and put everything you’ve learned into practice.

Average is sometimes not the best

A common mistake among beginners is to manage the value of a card based solely on its average value, while ignoring certain parameters such as chemical reactions.

While averages are important, the reality is that ultimately some specific parameters or chemistry may be better suited for your Ultimate Team team.

Not everything is offense, defense is important

While the success of a match depends on scoring more goals than your opponent, you must always work your way forward as a team, starting at the back. Also, you have to learn to defend because it doesn’t matter how many goals you score if they end up scoring on you too.

If you can defend well and score a lot of goals at the same time, you will be quite successful in Ultimate Team.

Start with a game mode that doesn’t suit you

The mistake you can make is starting with a division rival and climbing up the division as quickly as possible, because then you’ll find yourself at a huge disadvantage.

The most normal thing is that you start with squad battles as it allows you to easily earn coins in the first few weeks.

EA Sports also announced the top 100 players in the championship, as well as a ranking of the 24 best male and female players in the world. If you’re curious, here you can see the top of the best players in the Spanish F-League.

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