10 Tips to Avoid Stiff Makeup and Always Smooth and Dewy Skin

he heavy makeup can destroy your beautiful look, but we have the key to avoid it.from shape application of according to until product They use, and we’ve compiled for you the best tips to achieve results Nature And it is indeed a good face.

a good one cosmetic not only depends on how it looks when applied, but must also resist passed of Hour.sometimes the base will show stiff Nothing to brag about, but we’ve got the best tips to help you avoid this fallout.

What is stiff makeup?

We say makeup looks stiff dry and Patch, that is, does not naturally blend into the skin.In addition, it usually provides a uncomfortable feeling of heavy on the face.

Why do cosmetics crack?

“Makeup Crack” two reasons Basically: quality Cosmetics used and shape In what way we make up“, Exposure Makeup Artist Carmen Moreno.for makeup artist Celia Victoria He also pointed out that this is due to the format of the base makeup, since the same technique is not used when applying makeup. liquid That Pocket or in mousse. “Maybe you didn’t choose the foundation that suits you skin type. For example, if you have dry skin, it is very important to choose a makeup base that is suitable for dry skin,” advises the experts.

How to apply foundation without cracking?

To keep the base makeup from cracking, a good idea is to use brush anyone slightly damp sponge.makeup is also important TLCto avoid exceeding the product quantity.

basic makeup brushes

We recommend that you put a set in your wash bag basic brushes This will help you apply your makeup more accurately.For the base, get skunk brushand for bronze the best is a angled brush.a brush big and round ideal for him rougeand you should also include a specific concealer.Likewise, a sponge guy beauty blender will be your best ally.

How to keep makeup from sticking

If you like Finish and heavy makeup You don’t know how, we’ve compiled several Skill so that you get a basis natural look and Fusion in you fur.

  • clean and tidy face: this is first step apply any other product, or cosmetic anyone treat.
  • Hydrate Start by applying moisturizer to the skin or serum: “Our skin always needs moisturizing. Even when we come from oily skin‘Proper hydration before makeup helps make-up look less stiff,’ warns makeup artist Al Carrizo.
  • occur of oil control powder: Leave out this product, although it can set makeup, too dry.
  • choose one adaptation base for your skin and climate: “If we use a matrix that does not have any water or liquid components in its composition, it is often easier to get bad results when the mercury in the thermometer starts to rise,” emphasizes the manufacturer. Artist Carmen Moreno.
  • not with quantity: “If we use larger amount It will be common for those we need first crackMoreno added.
  • stable The base has a moisturizing products: Replace oil control powder with moisturizing products such as haze.
  • Do not apply foundation to the following areas eye contour: is a region expression linemakeup breaks more easily in this area.
  • Clean ok yours brush: This way, you will avoid dry residue.
  • don’t drag Base: For better integration, it is best to use it with Faucet.
  • use a Primer: “makeup is to last for a long timeit will make the makeup sit betterthe YouTuber revealed Kenya Olliden.

The Best Products to Avoid Stiff Makeup

Combining the previous trick with some top productyour base makeup effect is actually professional.

Try Bobbi Brown’s Multi-Purpose Moisturizer for a Crack-Free Look

Bobbi Brown Vitamin Rich Face Cream. bobby brown

There’s nothing better than a face cream to prep your skin before makeup Vitamin Enriched Face Foundation of bobby brown (reduced to €52 british court). “Our Facial Hydrating Primer is infused with Various vitamins Instantly nourishes, plumps and preps skin to enhance the look of foundation.It’s a one-step makeup prep that combines Primer with soft face moisturizer” explained the brand.

Set Your Makeup With Charlotte Tilbury’s Hydrating Mist

Charlotte Tilbury Airbrush Flawless Setting Spray. Charlotte Tilbury

Makeup setting liquid is also important so that your base makeup lasts for hours without becoming stiff. Our choice?this spray of Charlotte Tilbury (€35 for 100ml; €47 for 200ml) Moisturizer that sets makeup for up to 16 hours.

In your makeup bag, you can’t miss this brush from Kiko Cosmetics

Kiko Cosmetic Brush. Chico Cosmetics

If you don’t already have a skunk brush, this one is Qizi Cosmetics (16.49 EUR) is very versatile as it can be combined with liquid foundation like cream

This Beauty Blender Sponge Is Essential for Perfect Makeup

Beauty Blender Sponge. beauty blender

Those who don’t know how to use a skunk brush can turn to this sponge of beauty blender (€19.99 Sephora). “For a perfect finish, give yourself some gentle touch all over the face,” suggests the brand.

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