10 Tips to Keep Your Hair from Heat and Damage in Summer

even summerthere is a way to create wavy hairstyles without smearing hot.If you like avoid harm you hairwe collected several Skill Shape without a hairdryer or iron.

if he damage for you hair not enough, high temperature of summer let you apply hot Even a less appetizing option. That doesn’t mean you have to give up wavy hairstyles, as there are plenty of ways to achieve them. no iron neither Dryer.

How to perm your hair without heat

get waves without heatyou have two options: use tool form or grab some specific product. Whatever your needs, we’ve rounded up 10 tips for adding texture to your hair without damaging it.

Create Perfect Waves Without the Heat With the Viral Roller

You can see it everywhere on social networks viral cycle.it’s about a flexible cylinder You have to curl your slightly damp hair over it.keep it with you five hours Or, if you don’t mind, sleep with him Make the waves as fixed as possible.

Use Donut Filling to Create Waves in Hair Without Heat

influencer patrick jordan It is recommended to use a donut filling.The idea is to tie a bow on this thick headband, using fork and let hair air dry. result? A unfinished waves and big.

Did you know you can curl your hair with socks?

If you don’t have a viral wheel handy, you can use a couple of tools to reproduce its effects sock.divide hair into two sectionsRoll each one into a sock, and when you get to the end, it’s over this cutting edge and open end. You can boost the results with an anti-frizz serum.

Gentle waves can be achieved without any material

Don’t have any materials on hand and want to show off your long hair’s waves?Follow Influencer Advice Lizzie P.whose trick is rolled up he hair about himself from the root. Gather it up while you sleep, and you’ll have waves the next morning.Wear it to bed if you want to avoid frizz satin pillow or a satin hat.

curl your hair with the help of hair ties

if you have elastic headband, you can make some waves.The key is to put it horizontally on the forehead rolled up hair around forehead lock to the back of the head. Of course, if you have bangs, this method is not the best as it will flatten the bangs.

Add Lather to Your Hair Treatment

If you barely have time to style your hair, then this trick is for you.A quick solution for creating waves is to use a mousse, since you just apply it and crumpled curls and hand.

With the specific spray you will get very natural looking waves

The foam may be too heavy for you.In this case, include in your hairstyle wave spraywhose star compound is usually Salt. “Spray sea ​​salt It’s like lacquer with sea salt or salt water in it. Salt will absorb moisture and trap it in the hair cuticle.this increases volume and texture to the hair,” explains the expert Davis.

Ideas for Waves Without the Heat: Sleeping With Two Bows

You don’t have to try fancy tricks to get waves without the heat. An easy way to achieve this is to sleep with dry hair that’s just been washed and collected. two low buns. the next day, comb lightly and finger end him Caking and fix the wave paint.

There’s nothing easier than rocking your hair in braids

By the same logic as two bows, you can achieve sleeping waves with braids.This method can let you play with your hair: make yourself more braid and more small if you seek closed waveor just bet two braids for more waves big.remember Fully wet First up is the hair.

Note these waves in the water with tweezers

we have a trick to do wave to water Tackle your guest hairstyles without heat.along with wet hair and Untied,Do side stripes.On the top half of the head, curl the hair and secure it at the roots with the ends tweezers of duckbill. Do the same process on both sides and wait until the hair is fully combed. completely dry. Finish the hairstyle with hairspray.

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