10 VIPs who suffer from depression

VIPs suffering from depression

Who are the VIPs who suffer from depression? It would seem strange, but even famous people have faced and are facing the terrible tunnel of depression. Money, beauty and fame protect no one.

The Italian and international stars who tread the most important stages in the world have had to deal with depression just like normal people. We have collected their stories.

Depression: an evil that strikes without distinction from notoriety

Depression is a widespread psychiatric condition that can affect children, adults and the elderly. It can also occur in male and female patients and can involve not only the emotional sphere, but also the physical one.

Among the most common symptoms we find: insomnia, palpitations, headache, tachycardia, changes in appetite, constant tiredness and decreased attention.

Depression can in some cases also be associated with thoughts of suicide or self-harm. Treatment involves combination therapy, psychotherapeutic treatment, and drug treatment.

Even VIPs struggle with depression

For this list, both artists who have defeated depression and those who are still battling it will be mentioned. In both cases, category two had to do with depressive disorder.

1. Angelina Jolie

Angelina Jolie has repeatedly told of her terrible experience of cutting herself. The beautiful actress, before winning the Oscar and becoming Ambassador of the United Nations, was a very depressed young woman, she even went so far as to contact an assassin to put an end to her inner malaise.

After coming out of this bad period, in 2007 she fell back into the dark after losing her mother to cancer. To combat this slump, she decided to play a role in the film Wanted to get out of his head and be able to defeat depression.

2. Lady Gaga

I learned that my sadness never destroyed what was beautiful in me.

You just have to go back to that greatness, find that little light that’s left.

International star Lady Gaga has also suffered from depression. To help those like her who have found themselves in this dark vortex, she has founded “Born This Way”, an association that deals with help young people who are battling depression and bullying.

When she was a teenager, the American singer was picked on by her classmates: “Some guys picked me up and threw me in the garbage can. They told me this was where I belonged and that I was trash”.

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3. Halle Berry

Academy Award winner Halle Barry after divorced from her husbandaccused of beating her so badly that she had permanent hearing problems, fell into a deep depression.

Finding serenity after a history of violence and oppression was not easy at all but the big step towards healing was starting a long period of analysis with a psychoanalyst.

4. JK Rowiling

Even Harry Potter’s mother had some really bad times. Before the success of her book, the English writer had fallen into depression.

It was my daughter’s presence that prompted me to ask for help.

I realized it wasn’t right for her to see me in that state. I’ve never been ashamed though.

I’ve been through a terrible time but I’m proud to have come out of it.

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5. Tiziano Ferro

Recently, the singer Tiziano Ferro has dedicated to his deep discomfort, the single “Bye my Love”, in which he spoke about depression.

I regret saying what the song is about, I wanted to leave the ambiguity.

Sometimes people who don’t know it talk about depression. I imagined this glamorous woman with a manipulative ability. She affects the geniuses and even the stupid, she is a Democrat.

Pain eventually becomes your comfort zone, you know it inside out.

Speaking of the disease, Tiziano Ferro highlighted how depression is still strongly stigmatized. He commented in these words: “Chronic depression must be treated with chemistry, like diabetes is treated, and with a psychiatric course. The problem is the stigma: depressed, therefore crazy. I remember as a child, while the others at school were playing, I looked at the sky and everything gave me anguish. I thought, ‘That’s how I am.’ In reality, in addition to psychological therapy, serotonin must be rebalanced “.

6. Levant

After giving birth to her first daughter, Alma Futura, the talented singer Levante suffered from postpartum depression. During the 2023 Sanremo Festival, you decided to clear this theme.

I wrote the song three weeks after giving birth. I was at home, inside my sadness.

I remember I was in my dressing gown and that I had little time to write.

I needed to get back to composing and playing. I felt stuck in a special role, that of a mother, but it wasn’t enough for me. I wanted to feel useful for myself.

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7. Nino D’Angelo

The famous Neapolitan actor and singer vented during an interview with Verissimo about the years he lived with this disorder.

In my life the most difficult period I faced was definitely when my death mom.

For me it has always been a fixed point, a reference and when it was missing I could not resign myself to the idea that it was no longer there.

Unfortunately it has arrived depression that I had for three years and from which, thank God, I managed to get out.

At that time I didn’t feel like doing anything anymore, I didn’t leave the house anymore and I didn’t even feel like washing. Then with the help of doctors and medicines, I slowly recovered, now I’m fine.

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8. Luigi Buffon

Even the former captain of the national team has declared that he has been affected by depression in the past. He said he had a terrible time when he couldn’t even leave the house.

The great Gigi managed to face this evil thanks to the closeness of the family and psychological therapy.

If I hadn’t shared my experience with depression with other people, I might not have gotten out of it.

I had the lucidity to understand that that moment represented a watershed between giving up and coming to terms with the weaknesses we all have.

I’ve never been afraid to show them.

9. Mara Venier

Among the VIPs who suffer from depression we also find Maria Venier who recently spoke of being affected by a severe depression. The straw that broke the camel’s back was the illness of her mother Elsa, suffering from Alzheimer’s.

In addition, to the weekly Oggi she confessed that she felt, at a certain point in her career, like a wreck: “They scrapped me, said I was old. Don’t give up, revenge always comes. But I’ve been through hell.”

I had a deep depressionwhile working, because for me work has always been a way to distract myself, but I was really folded, even if I didn’t show it.

Even the drugs could not relieve the deep pain.

Today, the presenter is fine and managed to defeat this terrible monster and smiled again.

10. Enzo Iacchetti

Historical face of the satirical news Strip the News, Enzo Iacchetti has said several times that he suffers from depression. The Lombard comedian confessed to the newspaper The reason to carry around a big boulder since his father died: “He passed away when I was only 21 years old. To this day I still have a very strong sense of guilt because I didn’t get along with him. I was obsessed with music and guitars and didn’t think about the difficulties he faced every day. With his death I went into a lot of crisis”.

Before the pandemic I was living at full speed, I didn’t feel like I was 67 years old. Now, however, I seem to be much older than I am.

I live in solitude and I love silence. Strange, I who have loved music so much lately I can’t listen to it, yet music has given me so much.

Maybe too much. Could it be depression? I’ve always had it. Even as a child I was lively but did not speak, the stage was therapeutic for me.

We all carry a cross, mine is this character.

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