1,000 health workers at Alicante hospitals vaccinated against influenza and COVID-19

1,000 health workers at Alicante hospitals vaccinated against influenza and COVID-19Axel Alvarez

More than 1,000 health professionals they have Get a flu shot and Coronavirus disease Since the start of immunization on Monday at the Alicante General Hospital.


The center organized a marathon The vaccination rollout ended at 8pm on Tuesday with a total of 901 professionals vaccinated, very close to the challenge the sector has set for itself to reach Thousands of vaccinated workers.

all wednesday Immunization process continues At the Office of Preventive Medicine Services, “We can report to you with great satisfaction that they have More than 1,000 professionals vaccinated In these early days. ”

“Thank you so much to all of them because Through your actions, you contribute to our hospitals and care centers primary health care safer environment. The vaccination campaign continues (until March 31) and we continue to increase the number of people vaccinating. We’re counting on you to protect yourselves this year! “they explained from the department.

Preventive Medicine Service Coordination Doctor Balmis Hospital vaccination campaign The project is open to all professionals in health facilities in the sector and its marathon strategy has the cooperation of primary care professionals.

Vaccination of health care workers


After our success two years ago First vaccination marathon For healthcare workers, we have decided to repeat this initial initiative aimed at increasing and encouraging the number of professionals vaccinated At the same time, information campaigns are carried out,” said Dr. José Sánchez Payá, head of the Preventive Medicine Service.

Any unvaccinated healthcare professional can be a source of infection Infect. Therefore, vaccination of people helps reduce health care-related morbidity and mortality..

“HLet us call on them to get vaccinated against influenza and COVID-19,” commented Dr. Sánchez, recalling that “scientific evidence tells us that people infected with both viruses SARS-CoV-2 and influenzawith greater complicationshence the importance of double vaccination,” he noted.

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