12 styles to make you look more fashionable

October 2, 2023 08:25

Let us be clear: when you are short and less than 1.60m tall, skirt This is a drama.There is still one frustration Constant, because you can never fall in love at first sight, get an irresistible basic and be able to show it off that afternoon (or the same moment).this cowboy you have to cut them off midi dress They are long for you and any mistake will make your figure look flat, which is exactly the opposite of what we want.

The fashion trends for autumn and winter 2023-2024 are as follows

However, if you do it right you can achieve a very stylized result that adds a few centimeters (visually) and no, we’re not talking about adding verticality to your photos or wearing bedazzled heels, we’re talking about us Stylist Raquel Mejías recommends tips for making short girls look taller in real life.

What clothes can I wear to make me look taller?

  1. Monochrome look. Wearing clothes from head to toe in a single color or similar shades can make your figure appear longer.
  2. Print like vertical. Vertical stripes on clothing can visually stretch your figure, creating the illusion of height. Pants, skirts or dresses with vertical stripes are all great choices. There are also shirts or sweaters with this print.
  3. High waist pants. They are popular because they fit around the waist and elongate the legs. Wear it with a crop top or tuck the shirt into pants to accentuate your waist.
  4. pointed toe shoeslike stiletto boots or slingback pumps.
  5. Avoid wearing clothes that are too long Or they drag on the ground. Logically, they flatten your figure and make you look shorter. Make sure your clothes fit your height, or opt for culottes.
  6. V-neck. A V-shaped neckline, whether on a shirt or a dress, will visually elongate your neck and make you appear taller.
  7. Hair tied up. The same thing happens in the neck. If you have long hair, tying it into a high bun or ponytail can add height to your final look.
  8. Short jacket. A cropped waist-length jacket or coat can help accentuate your waist and make your body proportions more balanced.
  9. Vertical accessories: Long necklaces, long scarves and other accessories can create vertical lines, making you look slimmer and taller.

How to make yourself look taller?

Besides clothes, there are other aspects that can help you look taller: we talk about posture, attitude and confidence.

  • Maintain good posture. Posture plays a vital role in how others perceive you. Keep your back straight, shoulders back, and head elevated. Avoid hunching over. It’s silly, but it makes you look shorter than you are.
  • Avoid horizontal stripes. Unlike vertical stripes, which can visually elongate your figure, horizontal stripes can make you look wider and shorter, especially if the stripes themselves are spaced out and too thick.
  • Take care of your hair and makeup. Styles that lift your hair, such as a high ponytail or bun, can make your silhouette last longer.

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