12 years later, Dwyane Wade revisits ‘unbelievable’ decision in his latest offering

Not many NBA stars have created their own sneaker brands.Among them, Michael Jordan’s Jordan Brand You have a high status in the basketball world. But Miami Heat icon Dwyane Wade still decided to leave them in favor of the team he created, Wade’s Way. He is currently in China promoting his latest project, the Wade Basketball Academy. His close connection with China is also because of Li Ning. This year marks his 12th anniversary with the brand, and he launched his latest product during the CBA All-Star Game.

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At the time, some considered this a highly questionable move. The three-time NBA champion left Jordan Brand in 2012 to partner with Li Ning. But Wade did seem to make the right decisions throughout the partnership. Now, Wade is promoting his 11th signature shoe with the brand, Way of Wade 11.In his latest Instagram Story, he shared Nice kick‘post,writing,’12 years ago, I made an incredible decision…


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In 2012, Dwyane Wade had just won his second NBA championship. miami heat. With the Miami Heat also in the spotlight next season, the possibility of Li-Ning winning the title didn’t sound exciting at the time, as Li-Ning wasn’t yet a popular brand among basketball fans. But Wade did the unthinkable and signed with the Chinese sportswear company after his Jordan Brand contract expired.

According to Wade, his reason is simple.He wants to create his legacy, like Michael Jordan Collaboration with Air Jordan. D-Wade has been associated with the sneaker brand since his first season, so he wanted to create something cool. His signature shoe partnerships began with Converse, where he had 5 models. He then switched to Jordan Brand where he has 3. Li Ning’s number is now 11. Considering Li Ning’s situation in 2012, no one could have imagined what this deal would have turned into.


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Despite multiple incidents, Dwyane Wade remains confident in Li-Ning

Worryingly, Li Ning was suffering heavy losses at the time. Even in 2013, the stock price fell 15%. Additionally, the first drops of Wade’s Way have elicited mixed reactions. Dwyane Wade signed his first contract with the brand in 2012 for 7 years. But things can only get better.

He later signed a lifetime contract in 2018. He became the third basketball player to sign a lifetime apparel deal, joining idol Michael Jordan and former teammate LeBron James. Recently, Nike and Kevin Durant also revealed that they have reached a lifetime contract.

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Yes, it was probably a very strange move for Wade to take such a drastic step at the time. First, he’s getting more money than he did under his previous contract with Nike.Second, he was named chief brand officer Wade’s Way The brand gave him more control. All in all, Wade is well on his way to establishing his legacy with these strategic investments.

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