17 April 2023, the press review


From 8 June to 8 October, a multimedia exhibition at the Istituto Centrale per la Grafica in Rome will celebrate the diva who died in January. Other events are scheduled in September at the Venice Film Festival. Over 120 photos portraying the actress, or taken by herself, jewels, dresses, films, newsreels, covers, the David di Donatello won in 1956. Promoted by the Ministry of Culture and Cinecittà, entitled Gina’s worldsthe exhibition was created on the initiative of the undersecretary Lucia Borgonzoni who will also be curator with the president of Cinecittà Clare Sbarigia. This was reported by Gloria Satta in ‘Il Messaggero – Chronicle of Rome’.


Moretti’s film, which will be presented at Cannes, also dominates the press, with an interview with Silvio Orlando on the insert of the ‘Corriere della sera’, ‘La Lettura’. The actor plays the secretary of a section of the PCI. ‘La Stampa’ also talks about the film, with a piece by Michela Tamburino specifically focused on Moretti’s guest appearance on Fabio Fazio’s programme. “Don’t look here for my relationship with politics – says the director – this is an act of love for cinema”. Also ‘The Republic’ dedicates himself to the director with a rather original article on his debut shorts, Defeat, Pâté de bourgeois And How do you talk, brother?


On ‘Giorno’, ‘Carlino’ and ‘Nazione’ Franco Cardini takes advantage of the cinema release of The Pope’s Exorcist to analyze the history of cinema with a demonic theme. “The film with Russell Crowe – he says – is the latest in a series. At the origin there is an ancient tradition of spiritual purification that produces stories”, taking as an example, even before that The Exorcist by Friedkin, ‘Lost paradise’ by Milton.


The ‘Corriere della sera’ devotes a space to Leonardo Pieraccioniwho talks about his career by telling funny anecdotes like when he offered David Bowie a lemon cake. Francesco Pannofino ‘Giorno – Carlino – Nazione’ is told specifically about his activity as a dubber. Eugene Attanasio in ‘Il Quotidiano del Sud’ he presents his book on Vittorio De Seta, the great director of anthropological cinema. Barbara Bouchet instead he is the protagonist of ‘La Stampa’, on the occasion of his participation in the film Next.


Alberto Crespi on ‘La Repubblica’ dedicates a good profile to the star of Pirates of the Caribbean. The French film Jeanne du Barry will inaugurate the 76th Cannes Film Festival and the organization will budget for substantial savings in airline tickets: the protagonist Johnny Depp will arrive from London and not from Los Angeles (and the stars at least travel by business, or even with private flights). The American actor hasn’t made a film since 2020, but in fact he’s been out of the laps that matter since 2018, since the second episode of Fantastic animals. Depp was also supposed to play the third film in the series, but in the meantime the media case of his divorce from his wife Amber Heard had exploded.


The Netflix series Peaky Blinders, report ‘La Repubblica’ and ‘Giorno – Carlino – Nazione’, it becomes a film. The creator Steven Knight announces it. Six seasons and millions of fans, it’s the story of the gypsy gang turned lords of Birmingham. In terms of television series is highly anticipated too Citadel, a global project by the Russo Brothers with a season also filmed in Italy, with Matilda De Angelis. ‘The Messenger’ talks about it. The beloved Commissioner is also returning Montalbanobut as part of a schedule of anticipated reruns, with respect to the usual summer period, on the Rai channels.

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