171 days after calling LeBron James “old,” Dillon Brooks’ latest move has NBA fans confused: “How did he make $80 million?”

Dillon Brooks is a controversial figure in the NBA, to say the least. Last season was a horror show for Brooks. The Memphis Grizzlies became the laughingstock of the entire league when they “failed” in the playoffs. Not only that, during a game against the Lakers, Brooks called LeBron James “old.”

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They fired Brooks from Memphis after being eliminated by King James and his Los Angeles Lakers. It sparked widespread media attention and public ridicule. However, he has since been signed by the Houston Rockets. Fans were upset when the 27-year-old repeated the same antics in Houston recently.

Dillian Brooks tries to recreate Grizzlies’ ‘Geddie’ with Houston Rockets


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After Brooks received a ton of hate last season, things started to change. At the just-concluded FIBA ​​World Cup, the Canadian won the title of Best Defensive Player.

Although the Canadian team lost to the German team in the final, the results were still significant. Yet fans remain skeptical that Brooks can truly thrive in Houston. The Houston Rockets’ official Instagram page shared a clip of Brooks dancing with other members of the team. His movements and facial expressions are reminiscent of his days dancing into games with Ja Morant and the Grizzlies. The title of the post is, “Open our database”.

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While the team seemed to love Dillion Brooks’ dance vibe, some fans were really worried about seeing his Villian Brooks character come to life.

Brooke’s antics leave fans confused

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The comments section of the Instagram video was flooded with confused fans voicing their opinions. One fan wrote, “Man’s dancing skills are better than his basketball skills.” When another fan asked, “How did he get 80 million?” Questioning his own contract. However, not all reviews are negative, with one user stating, “When everyone hated Brooks at Memphis, I actually liked him. He seemed like he knew how to have fun and was a good teammate. “I guess people don’t understand that aspect of sports and camaraderie. “


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Another fan expressed the same sentiment, “You can say db is rubbish, or you don’t like them, but you can’t say this person is not Vibin, nor can you say his team is dishonorable.” The 27-year-old seems content with his role in Houston. Yet only time will tell if he delivers results for the team, or if it’s all just farcical.

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