3 Best Casino Games for Movie Lovers

Entertainment through gambling has become very popular online in recent years. More and more players are choosing to have fun at online casinos. This is thanks to their easy accessibility (all you need is an Internet connection), always attractive bonuses to beat the competition, exciting graphics and, above all, the games section. If a person decides to open an account at a casino, he does so primarily for the game, so pages and pages of different games cannot be missed: from slots to poker, from roulette to blackjack.

In short, fun is guaranteed for those who love this world. What strikes many people, whether new or not, is the anomalous number of slot machine titles. Every year, online casinos around the world are filled with new games with fun and exciting themes and graphics. Are you passionate about cooking? Slots with fruits and food. Are you a lover of Ancient Egypt? Mummies and pharaohs await you. Are you a film buff? Here are the 3 best games for you.

Cinema and casino

The combination of cinema and casino has always attracted the attention of the public. You can go and play on Unibet and place a bet such that success is guaranteed. In fact, there are many films about gambling or casinos, and many of them have been very successful, for example:

  • Casino: 1999 film with Robert De Niro, Sharon Stone and Joe Pesci;
  • “Ocean’s Eleven” and its sequels: the first one was released in 2001, the main theme is a casino robbery;
  • Casino Royale: The first chapter of the James Bond saga starring Daniel Craig, 2006, revolves entirely around the casino;
  • “Ace”: comedy by Adriano Celentano, 1981;
  • Rain Man: The 1989 masterpiece starring the extraordinary Dustin Hoffman, which boasts 4 Oscars, including Best Picture and Best Director.

In short, on the big screen the topic of gambling was gutted and interpreted in every possible way. They range from drama to comedy, thriller and spy film to drama. Consider that these are just a few of the most famous and famous ones.

The question naturally arises as to the reason for this perfect union. The answer is almost certainly: mystery. Gambling is a risk because you don’t know if your card or number will come up. Even if you play without betting, there is always some tension between friends. Cinema, which is primarily an art that honors and glorifies mystery, could not but be successfully combined with gambling.

films for gambling lovers

3 games for movie lovers

Without further ado, we would like to present to you three slot machine titles that we have selected for movie lovers:

  • Jumanji: Developed and distributed by Neteller, this slot machine is officially licensed from the famous movie starring Robin Williams. If you want to relive your childhood and jump into the jungle, this game is for you;
  • The Good, the Bad and the Ugly: Inspired by Sergio Leone’s famous masterpiece, this Western-style slot machine will make you feel like a real cowboy;
  • The Dark Knight: Officially taken from Christopher Nolan’s unmissable film, this slot machine developed by Microgaming will allow you to wear a mask and cape to pursue the menacing Joker.

The perfect combination

In all sauces, with every nuance, the cinema manages to paint this world in its own way. Even in the most dramatic films, which deal with defeat, both human and game, as in “Regalo di Natale” by Pupi Avati. Or like in “Asso”, a pure comedy written and directed by Castellano and Pipolo, where we see Adriano Celentano who uses the art of bluff without fear, scaring and ridiculing his opponents.

So why shouldn’t movie themed slot machines work? Many of the titles online, as well as those we mentioned, are official productions of film brands. Will they be able to handle this?

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