3 Massages to Reduce Cellulite (and the Best Essential Oils)

Of all the treatments to eliminate fat deposits in the legs, buttocks and abdomen, massage to reduce cellulite They are great for achieving more even skin.

If you don’t know, cellulitis is a disease that causes bumps and indentations in the skin. While we can all develop it, it’s more prevalent in women because more body fat is distributed in these areas.

Plastic Surgeon Nick Rhodes Disproves Some Concerns About Causes of Cellulite. Cellulite is caused by tiny connective tissues that hold the skin to the underlying tissue with fat in between. These threads can pull on the complexion and create bumps.connective tissue can be weakened Hormones, lack of exercise and muscle tone, and poor circulation; This is not due to obesity or toxins, but normal body fat. “

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That’s why there is no program that can get rid of cellulite quickly and instantly, but we can treat it with a combination of exercises that help strengthen and strengthen our muscles, in addition to some exercise. Massage promotes lymphatic drainage and blood flow, which changes the skin. Do you want to know our favorites? continue reading!

massage upwards with hands

The easiest way is to make Anti Cellulite Massage is with their own hands.back do excercise In the bath, mix 10 drops lemongrass (or citrus) oil Add two tablespoons of olive oil, and use medium pressure to work your hands from bottom to top over the area you want to reduce cellulite. Do this for 3 minutes, repeat, and rinse with colder than hot water.

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Dry brushing in circles

he dry brushing too exciting healthy hormones, one of the causes of cellulite in women. We recommend cleaning with a natural bristle body brush every 2 to 3 weeks before bathing.Start at the feet and work your way up, paying special attention to areas with cellulite. Take it easy!

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coffee scrub massage

did you know coffee Is a powerful blood circulation activator? use it as a scrub Get the double benefit and exfoliate dead skin cells. To do this, you simply mix one cup of ground coffee beans with 5 tablespoons of solid coconut oil. Then, apply it on the legs, buttocks, stomach, etc. where needed, and massage gently, leave on for half an hour, and rinse with cold water.

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If you’ve never tried any of these cellulite reducing massages, it’s time to surprise yourself with the results! Of course, remember to combine them with a balanced diet, adequate fluid intake, daily physical activity, adequate rest and regular check-ups.

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