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Ah, autumn. The moment when we all dig out our wool sweaters, swap the bright colors for more muted hues, and start listening to Taylor Swift again. It’s also time to think about hairstyle trends fall 2023. Summer can be tough on your hair, with the heat, sun and chlorine or salt water leaving you at risk of ending up with brittle strands as the leaves begin to change. That’s why fall is the perfect time to freshen up your hairstyle.

Now that it’s a little cooler (fringe and tracksuits never went together), we can update sun-bleached colors or try new silhouettes that aren’t just pulled into a ponytail to avoid heatstroke. Or, if you’re really ready for a reboot, chop off all your summer hair and start over.

When it comes to hair trendsautumn 2023we move on to more discreet and low-maintenance shades. What was once a cute blonde is now there lived a blonde on the beach. Rich chestnut turned into a plus neutral muted chocolate. And we take our cues from style icons like Pamela Anderson and, yes, Barbie.

But just because we want simple styles and low-maintenance colors doesn’t mean we don’t follow the latest trends. The brave ones, as always, will experiment with vintage blue and colored pixie cuts, but to each their own.

Are you ready to change? Here you will find everything you need to create fall 2023 hairstyles, colors and haircuts. Start listening to your favorite folk songs and think about autumn while putting our tips into practice.

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