4 TV series and movies to watch in streaming

A day to remember the importance of environmental sustainability and of safeguarding the planet. And the World Earth Dayalso called Earth Dayestablished after a historic environmental demonstration in 1970 and which has taken place every year since then April 22nd. Changing one’s lifestyle in a more sustainable way and adopting pro-environmental attitudes is certainly the best way to celebrate this day. But here’s an extra idea: There are a few perfect films and TV series to watch in streaming on Earth Day, because they are a celebration of the fragility and beauty of the Earth and its inhabitants. Here you are 4 recently released titles.

Extrapolations – Beyond the limit

Using the narrative fiction filter to raise awareness and stimulate positive change. This is the goal of the series Extrapolations – Beyond the limitreleased March 17 on Apple TV+. In the eight episodes, set in various parts of the world, we imagine a near future in which the dramatic consequences of the climate crisis are now part of everyday life. The cast is notable: among others, there are Edward Norton, Indira Varma, Meryl Streep and Kit Harington.

The Empire of the Chimpanzees

This brand new docuseries in four episodes, exit on Netflix on April 19, explore and tell the largest chimpanzee community never discovered, which scientists have observed closely over the past twenty-five years. We are in the dense and lush forest of Ngogo, in Uganda. Here the large group of primates has developed an extraordinarily complex society, with similar dynamics that humans are also familiar with. It is very fascinating to observe the sophisticated political and family structure of the community, the relationships of trust, alliances and dramatic clashes for power. There docuseries is directed by the director James Reed (known for My friend under the sea) and in the original version is narrated by Oscar winner Mahershala Ali.

The Secrets of the Elephants

Just on the occasion ofEarth Dayon April 22 on Disney+ this one comes out four-part docuseries. The documentarytraveling between Africa and Asia, tells the language, emotions and thinking skills of elephants, revealing in some way the resemblance to humans. Narrated by the Academy Award-winning actress Natalie Portmanthe docuseries is made with National Geographic and features explorer and elephant expert Paula Kahumbu. It is above all the name of the director that makes the news, however: it is about James Cameronfresh from the success of Avatar: The Water Road.

Ainbo – Spirit of the Amazon

There World Earth Day it’s not just for adults! A perfect title for children is Ainbo – Spirit of the Amazonanimated film set in the rainforest of Peru starring a young girl determined to save his land from deforestation. The film is scheduled on Sky and streaming on NOW on April 22.

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