42 Artists Celebrate Santuza

A path that passes through a cycle of Baroque frescoes by the greatest Palermitan artists of the eighteenth century that enter into dialogue with the contemporary.

title is “observation“, the exhibition mounted in Quattro Canti, in which 42 artists pay tribute to Palermo, which offers the possibility free travel Of the two most important palaces in the city.

from 13 to 15 JulyOpened in an extraordinary way, on the occasion of the 399th Festino di Santa Rosalia Constantine Palace And palace of naples Thanks to the initiative of the patron and owner of the buildings, Roberto Bilotti Raggi d’Aragona, who, like every year since 2000, celebrates the patron saint of Palermo in these rooms, through the works of diverse artists.

42 artists congregate in these afflicted spaces, each bringing the uniqueness of their work that sharing brings vitality, fruit, celebration of the party and the need to recover these buildings to start again towards the future according to the symbolism Awareness is invited about. of Santa Rosalia.


Especially with Donatella Pinocchio “infinite and finite” – an audio and video installation – brings to life the ancient columned horsemanship of Palazzo Costantino. The project simulates the three-dimensional sound presence of abstract horses, suggesting the ancient function of space.

It is an innovative treatment between art, science and technology, progress is cultural and aesthetic development of human-environment relationship. A reflection on the impact of technologies and science on art, culture and contemporary language.

artist Exhibiting at Palazzo Costantino are: Marco Effetti, Giulia Apis, Andrea Aquilanti, Elena Bellantoni, Marco Primo Bernardi, Flavia Bigi, Stefania Gallaghti, Alessandro Calizza, Canecapovolto, Lorenzo Cappella, Giorgio Dante, Chiara Dionis, Luigi Citarella, Davide Dormino, Iginio De Luca, Gianni Dessi, Teresa Emanuele, Roberto Ferri, Carlo Alberto Floridi, Giovanni Gaggia, Laura Gianetti, Federica Grisi, Loredana Longo, Adele Lotito, Roberta Mariani, Ignazio Mortellaro, Cristalo Odescalchi, Innocenzo Odescalchi, Flavio Tiberio Patrica, Roberto Pietrosanti , Donatella Pinocchi, Francesca Romana Pinzari, Vettore Pisani, Nicola Pucci, Danilo Quintarelli, Pietro Ruffo, Giuseppe Salvatori, Maurizio Savini, Ignazio Schifano, Maddalena Scuderoni, Rica Venio, Delphine Valli.

since 2000 Roberto Bilotti Raggi of Aragon and Cesira Palmeri of Villalba The collaboration between the public and the private has been strengthened in the establishment and management of museums in the cities of Rome, Salerno, Cosenza and Rende.

Palermo has been enriched by important donations: 200 works in the GAM in Sant’Anna, including works by Lo Jacono, Leto, Novelli, drawings by Hurst and the monumental Embrace of Ettore and Andromeda by De Chirico.

The marble group of Lorenzo Bartolini Maddalena Pallavicino on the stairs of the Palazzo Sant’Elia and the statues of Domenico Gagini and Ugo and the sons, who carried the baton of the Egadi to Florios, to the doors of Pietro Consagra, born in Mazara del Vallo.

Marble wall carvings made by Marabitti for this area, displayed in the stone museum of Palazzo Azutamicristo.

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