48 days after Michael Jordan sells Hornets for $3 billion, NBA veteran blasts Hornets front office for ‘burning out’ youth: ‘LaMelo (Ball) beat the Ants to win ROTY!’

In NBA history, the Charlotte Hornets have been labeled as underachievers every season. After a series of pains, Michael Jordan sold his majority stake in the team 48 days ago for $3 billion. Later, a veteran criticized the team management’s treatment of LaMelo Ball in reference to Anthony Edwards.

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Before sharing his perspective, he noted how LaMelo beat Edwards to win Rookie of the Year. The old-timer was harshly critical of the team’s decision-makers, believing they drained the energy of young people.

What do NBA veterans say?


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Recently, Austin Rivers discussed how the Hornets could potentially weaken the 22-year-old. According to the shooting guard, Charlotte has been surrounding Ball with the wrong players.I believe this organization should acquire “Someone who can help him reach his potential instead of draining it.”

The 31-year-old described the overall situation of the young players in the team as follows: “Problem youth.” He harshly criticized the Hornets for stalling and undermining ROTY growth in 2021. Comparing his trajectory to the brightest star in his draft class, Anthony Edwards, Rivers continued.

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“LaMelo beats Ant to win Rookie of the Year,” He emphasized that point before commiserating with the one-time All-Star. “It’s not LaMelo’s fault” Before summarizing his claims, Austin stated, “He just needs help.” He summed up his beliefs by saying how Charlotte was completely wrong about trusting young people and growing up. Throughout the interaction, most of the blame rests on one person’s shoulders.

What went wrong with Michael Jordan?


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Since buying the team in 2010, Jordan’s stardom has attracted a lot of attention. Their approaches are strategic, but unfortunately, they rarely bear fruit. As a shareholder, his heart was in the right place, but his actions while serving as majority shareholder failed to back up his promises.

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Of course, Michael wasn’t just criticized for the entire situation with the young players in the organization. At the same time, as the face of the team, he must also bear all responsibilities. Therefore, the organization’s exit is imminent. The 60-year-old’s influence in decision-making has plummeted, but he remains a minority shareholder in the team.


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Many consider it a successful business move, with Jordan making billions of dollars from it. True NBA fans just know that the serial winner sees this as his own failure because players like LaMelo Ball never reached their potential under his reign.

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