5 Curious Facts About Caterina Murino, Godmother of the Venice Film Festival

VENICE 80 – This year, former Bond girl Caterina Murino will be the godmother of the 80th Venice Film Festival. The actress arrived at the beach today in a very natural look in a bejeweled Armani suit and elegant borsalino. Here are 5 curiosities about the godmother of the festival.

The 45-year-old’s career is on the rise. Katerina Murino, an actress from Cagliari who will open the film festival this year in the prestigious role of godmother.

The actress commented:

“This is a huge honor and a big responsibility, I will do my best to justify it.”

Katerina Murino will actually host the two most important evenings. The first will be Wednesday, August 30 to the opening of the 80th Festival, then we will see her again on the stage of the Sala Grande Palazzo del Cinema on the Lido at the closing ceremony Saturday, September 9. All eyes will be on her as she announces the Lions and other official awards.

Caterina Murino, godmother of the Venice Film Festival.
Photo by Gianluca Mincillo

5 things to know about Caterina Murino, Godmother of the Venice Film Festival

Caterina Murino, Godmother of Venice Film Festival: Bond Girl in 007 Movie

Caterina Murino - Bond girl

2006 was a boom year Katerina Murino who in a short time became famous all over the world thanks to the role of the Bond girl in the film about agent 007.

Movie “Casino Royale” in which Daniel Craig played a role for the first time James Bond, In the film, Caterina Murino plays Solange and supports another Bond girl: magnetic Eva Green.

Caterina Murino, godmother of the Venice Film Festival: first starring role in 2008

Caterina Murino, Godmother of Venice80
VENICE 80. Caterina Murrino arrives at the Venice Film Festival. The godmother of the festival, Caterina Murrino, arrived wearing an Armani suit, Cartier jewelery and a Borsalino hat. Photo by Gianluca Mincillo.

The first film he starred in instead was in 2008. “Seed of Discord” From Pappy Corsicato, in which he worked together Alessandro Gassman, Isabella Ferrari and Martina Stella.

Then in 2014, she took part in the role of Penelope in a television production. “Return of Ulysses”With Alessio Boni.

However, most of his work was filmed and produced in France and the rest of the world, from America to China.

Most recently, in 2021, she starred in the film “My brother, my sister”and in 2022 he worked at Veneciafrenia.

Several series in which she has appeared, such as “Peter’s Island”aired on Canale 5 in 2019, and “Balthazar” in 2022.

She has also appeared in several music videos such as “To make love” Bob Sinclair e “Amor Nou” from Tazende.

Caterina Murino, godmother of the Venice Film Festival: as a child she dreamed of becoming a doctor

Katerina Murino

As a child, she dreamed of becoming a doctor and would never have thought of a successful career on the red carpet. It all started by accident. Having twice failed the entrance exams to medical school, he entered the medical school at the age of 20. “Miss Italy ’97” and ranks fifth.

From that moment on, he begins to enjoy the charm of everyone’s attention. Chosen One Miss Deborah Italy, signs a contract with a fashion agency Paolo Tomei Models and becomes a testament to the cosmetic house.

Two years later, he appears on television as “Little Letter” in the first edition of the game show Passaparola di Jerry Scotty on Channel 5, and in the meantime, he began to study acting. And from that moment begins a big leap as an actress.

First with small appearances in television productions such as “Miss Italy Girls” Dino Risi, “Don Matteo” and “Pride” before the cinema.

Playboy cover girl

Katerina Murino

In 2008, she posed for the first issue of the updated Italian edition of the magazine. Playboyand is the main character of the film “Garden of Eden” John Irvine. In the same year, he joined the cast of the Canadian television mini-series XIII – The Conspiracy as Sam and took part in the Italian television series Donn the Killer.

In 2017, she plays the daughter of the protagonist. Charles Delle Pian in the film “Who Saves the Roses?” From Cesare FuresiWith Lando Buzzanca AND Philip Leroy.

Also theater actress

Katerina Murino also played in the theater many times. In 2012, he toured the theaters of Italy as the protagonist of the tour. “Dona Flor and her two husbands” and then as Nicole in the play “Eyes wide shut.” Her last stage show was 8 Women and a Mystery by Robert Thomas in 2019.

We can only wish good luck to the Godmother of the Venice Film Festival and wait to get to know all her images.

Good luck!

And for those who want to know what it looks like Godmother of Rocio Muñoz Morales Venice Film Festival 79 here is my article from the previous issue.

Caterina Murrino photo by Gianluca Mincillo 8
Caterina Murrino, photo by Gianluca Mincillo

On the main page there is a photo of Gianluca Mincillo.

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