5 movies to watch on TV tonight on Sunday, September 3rd

Let’s find out the program of tonight’s TV.

Let’s find out what’s planned for Sunday September 3rd. Here are 5 movies to watch on TV tonight that we have selected for you, always at the best time or late at night, divided into free and pay TV.

In 1895, the French captain Alfred Dreyfus. (Louis Garrel) he is accused of high treason and spying for the Germans. Officer Georges Picard (Jean Dujardin) witnesses a young man sentenced to exile and sent to Devil’s Island. Over time, the officer who, after the arrest of Dreyfus, was appointed head of the counterintelligence unit, realizes that the Germans still have access to information that should be classified.. Therefore, he comes to the conclusion that the exile is actually innocent, and from that moment he tries to restore justice. During his years in exile, Dreyfus wrote to his wife and was subjected to a show trial in which he was falsely accused. The Dreyfus affair caused a sensation in France during those years, which also prompted some intellectuals to intervene, including the writer Émile Zola.

movies to watch on tv tonight

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Director Alfred Hitchcock tells the story Roger Thornhill (Cary Grant) advertising agent who becomes involved in an intrigue greater than himself. He was arrested for drunk driving, but, according to him, some people approached him at the police station and called him “George Kaplan.”. It was they who brought him to Lester Townsend’s villa, where he was interrogated and forced to drink whiskey, put in a car with the intent to kill him. After his release, he begins an investigation on his own, convinced that the police approached the case too superficially. But Thornhill soon finds himself caught in an increasingly tangled web of suspects and mysterious figures he cannot trust…

movies to watch on TV tonight.

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Director James Ivory, based on the novel of the same name by Kazuo Ishiguro, tells the story of Mr Stevens. (Anthony Hopkins) and the rise of England. In the mid-1950s, Mr. Stevens receives a letter from his former colleague, Miss’s housekeeper. Kenton (Emma Thompson), who would like to see him again after many years. Stevens was the butler at Darlington Hall, formerly Lord Darlington’s mansion. (James Fox) and then bought by wealthy American Jack Lewis (Christopher Reeve). Stevens agrees to meet Miss Kenton and leaves in a car to join her. A road trip through the English countryside is nothing less than an opportunity to retrace your life lived in the shadow of your employer; life was conducted on the basis of loyalty and devotion, even when Lord Darlington began to show pro-Nazi views. In the name of duty, Mr. Stevens never left room for feelings or morals that he felt might compromise the effectiveness of his work. Can we right the wrongs of the past? Is there anything left to fight for after all these years?

movies to watch on TV tonight.

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TÁR, Sky Cinema Due, 21:15

Films with the extraordinary Cate Blanchett, talks about the life and career of the conductor Lydia Tar. (Cate Blanchett). Ambitious and a perfectionist, Lydia studies, reads, teaches and composes, earning all kinds of accolades in the world of classical music. The pinnacle of his career is reached when he is about to present a new book and prepare to perform Mahler’s Fifth Symphony. But some events and personal choices, reinforced by her position, undermine a woman who gradually sees how everything she built is crumbling before her eyes, and learns what the price of power is.

movies to watch on tv tonight

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Miss Detective, Sky Cinema Comedy, 21:00

Gracie Hart (Sandra Bullock) she is an FBI special agent, focused on her job and always efficient. The capture of a serial killer who threatens to enter the Miss USA pageant forces her to go undercover. She takes on the role of Miss, who should exude elegance and grace. Gracie is far from it, she does not like to be in the spotlight and never noticed these aspects. Thanks to the support of image curator Victor Melling (Michael Caine), she manages to enter the competition, trying to remain unnoticed…

movies to watch on tv tonight

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