5 tips to ease symptoms when your child has a cold

he cold Common are conditions affecting the nose and throat. Most of the time it’s harmless, although it may not seem that way.Bacteria called viruses cause the common cold, and today we’ll tell you about some Tips for relieving symptoms when your child has a cold.

this you drink and child they can Got a cold More frequently than in adults. Most people recover from a cold within 7 to 10 days.

5 tips to ease symptoms when your child has a cold

this Children’s cold they usually have excess mucus This may make you feel uncomfortable, so you must treat your cold quickly and effectively.these are some Tips for relieving symptoms when your child has a cold:

1. Hydration is important

For babies it is recommended breast-feeding As needed, the mother’s body adjusts to the baby’s needs. For older children, it’s important to stay well hydrated.

Water, that juicehe chicken soup Plain water or warm water with lemon and honey can help relieve congestion and prevent dehydration.

2. Rinsing the nose with saline can help

saline relieve congestion this nose and the nasal passages, dissolving mucus buildup in the throat and expelling it from the body.It is important to maintain good hygiene habits nasal aspirator Because they are not disposable, they can accumulate viruses and bacteria.

When a baby or toddler has phlegm He doesn’t know how to spit it out, you can help him destroy them Put a piece of gauze into your mouth with your fingers. The phlegm will stick to the gauze and make it easier to remove.

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3. Hot liquids can also help

merge hot liquidsuch as chicken soup, tea, or hot apple juice, are all targeted cold They are used in many parts of the world and may have a sedative effect and relieve congestion by increasing mucus flow.

4. Nasal sprays and drops can also help

this atomizer and Nasal drops Over-the-counter salt water can help relieve blockage and congestion. For babies, experts recommend placing a few drops of saline solution in one nostril and then gently suctioning that nostril with a bulb or rubber syringe. Saline nasal spray may be used in older children.

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5. Go to the doctor

As long as your child has cold The Best is Find an expert in this fieldAlthough colds are a common health problem and are usually not serious, it is not recommended under any circumstances that parents give their children medication without a doctor’s authorization, so be sure to see a doctor when your child is not feeling well. It’s very important

(Information from: Mayo Clinic and Children’s Guide)

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